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'I feel blessed to work with Vikram Bhatt'- Mimoh Chakraborty

Mimoh Chakraborty enjoyed a double treat on his Birthday this year on 30th July

Mimoh Chakraborty who had been shooting for his upcoming Vikram Bhatta's 3D horror movie 'Haunted' in Ooty was on cloud 9 by the surprise visit of his parents on his Birthday that fell on 30th last month…

So how did you like your parents surprise early morning?

It was great felt amazing though I had an intuition that they may arrive but when I saw them early morning on my sets I got speechless. Then my dad threw a lunch treat for everyone so this birthday is going to be one of my memorable treats.

Tell us something about your present movie project?

At present I'm shooting for Vikram Bhatt's first 3D horror movie 'Haunted' and it's being shot using the Avatar a Hollywood movie technology. It's has a new dimension and also a bit time consuming as it involves lot of technology aspects. So it's a different direction experience.

And what's your character sketch like?

My character name is Rehan and he is a modern day Cafe Coffee Day guy and in due course of time he enters a house to investigate paranormal activities and that's where the horror track begins.

So what kind of a look will you be seen carrying?

I have a completely modernized look, a trained tough guy with rough beard.

Could you expatriate the experience working with ace director Vikram Bhatt?

He's an amazing director and he is the one who has brought out the real actor within me and I have even expressed him that I would like to share some screen space with him in near future. In short he's a perfect teacher and I feel blessed to be getting an opportunity to work with him at such an early stage in my career.

Who is your co-star in the movie?

Her name is Tia Bajpayee she too is a new face she is a wonderful actress as well as a singer and she has even sung a tune for this movie.

How different is it to work in a 3D movie? And are you a 3D fanatic?

No I'm not a 3D fanatic as such but it actually depends on the kind of concept it carries. And the experience is different as takes have to be precise we have 3D editing system on board after every shot we get an opportunity to watch the edited version on the spot and it changes the entire feel of the scene so it's magnificent.

How do you think the audience will accept it?

Audience reaction is always very subjective but I would say it's a 'Fear goes 3D' experience. And the horror lovers would really have a treat seeing it with special effects in 3D format.

Lastly hows your parent's reaction to this?

They are very happy and proud that I bagged this role completely on my potential and merit. So I wish I live up to their expectation.

Reporter & Author: Pooja Shenoy


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