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'I fear of suffocation at times' - Priya Wal

Priya Wal lists out her favorites, her greatest fear, ideal vacation spot...

Published: Saturday,Aug 30, 2008 10:53 AM GMT-06:00
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Tom-boy look or innocent look: I prefer a tom-boy look as I am comfortable in that.
One word always on your lips: Food is the word which is always there on my lips as I am always very hungry. (grins)
Most Influential person in your life: Since childhood I am fond of Steffi Graf. I have been a National level tennis player, so I admire her a lot.
Remix or Kahaani: Its very difficult to choose between both of them because Remix had made Anwesha and I am very close to Remix. But Kahaani is a different ball game altogether. I can’t choose between them…
Favorite Movie till date: ‘Girl interrupted’; I like this movie a lot.
Your Greatest Fear: I am not usually afraid of anything, but I fear of suffocation at times. 

Your Favorite kind of Music: Rock Music.
Ideal Vacation Spot: I have not traveled much, but I like Singapore and Bangkok where I had a fabulous time. I am going to visit New York very soon and I am looking forward to it.

One quality you want in your partner: Respect, Understanding and above all, immense love for me. He needs to accept me the way I am as I will not change for anyone.
A perfect day for Priya will be: Wake up at 12 in the noon, play with my doggie, watch movies, have a nice lunch, hang out with friends in the evening in a beach and end my day with good dinner..
Favorite Cuisine: Chinese
Favorite Accessories: Belts
Fond Memory: The days when I used to stay with my grandfather…

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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AY_candy_luver 13 years ago This is a great article...
Priya''s answers are nice
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devanshibhatt 13 years ago you are soo like me!
at least there is someone in this world whos like me!
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Sita18 14 years ago I hope not she deserves it.. but even if they dont if they do.. its ok.. cuz that wasn't her purpose to do it.. i just love shilpa and she rocks no matter what!
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Ezria_Fan_4ever 14 years ago Priya Rocks,
i loved her in remix, i hope remix returns,
im missing all of them especially priya and karan wahi
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FollowYourHeart 14 years ago Firstly a million thank yous to the entire Tb team for featuring this interview u all dunt know what Priya Wal means to me and reading this has just made many many many of my coming days

Its a brilliantly written and conducted interview hats off to the author cum reporter


and i loved her answer for a perfect man...its so like ashiiiiii its so like any normal girl would want in a man RESPECT....and ACCEPTANCE just the wya u r if u have to chnage yourself to be made loveable then that love is really not worth you

yaaa i know Priya for u for all of us here anvesha the bhaggu's girl would be the closets ever she is the best character that ever ever walked the telly screen and her legend is so great that for many many of us she is not just a character but a reality of our life which we all hold on to dearlyyyy...she is and will always be my only rockstar and my only heroooooo and am glad i found you coz of her tooooo

and as for kahaani oh well no regretts coz it brough the magic of Ashi Yuviiiii and Raj and Priya baaaaaaaack to burn the screen can't thank ekta maai enough for giving us this unbelievable giiiift...muaha to u ektaaaa..but only coz of RP

heheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee priya too is a foody yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah mee too the only differance is am tripple her size oh my god i just love her physique she definatly looks like a divaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

yaaa grandparents r like the most adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thing bhaggu could have ever created i myself had shared a very very very strong bond with all my grandparents so i know how close she might be with her grandpa

gilr interrupted hun lady not bad not bad at all and hahah rock music is soooooooooooooo ashiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and wlel priya whether...
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IBserenity 14 years ago so wht's she up to these days and is there any other show in the pipe lines? sometimes ppl like reading more info abt their fave stars then just their fave color...
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shriya12 14 years ago i luvvvvvvv priya aka anvesha..i wsh she was bck n remix too...i luv thm....
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-Humaira- 14 years ago thanks for the article....read sumthing about her after such a long tym.......
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tukz_REmix 14 years ago aftr a long tym ne response frm her
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ashi_mania 14 years ago Thank u sooooo much Telly Buzz for featuring this amazing amazing interview on my rockstar.....its as rocking as her......after a long time I am reading something that features her choices n her fav's n I really owe u ppl a lot for it

The interview is way too good.....esp liked the grandfather part...didnt know that she stayed with him....it was news to me n I really loved reading it....no wonder in a mag when asked for her fav pic....she gave her childhood pic with her grandpa :)

Lolz n she says the word always on her lips is food....but it certainly doesnt show upon her....she has a figure to die for.....wish I could be like her atleast when it comes to this aspect of hers.....he he

And lastly what do I say abt the pic....I have been staring at it for the past 5 mins....the wet hair look is making her look stunning....n also the fact that she is not looking directly into the camera but at something abstract.....u know all my fav photographs always have this quality....n I am soooo completely in love with this pic of hers bcoz of this quality.....thank u sooo soooo sooo much TB
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