'I enjoy playing both characters, Anuj and Vishal' - Nasir Khan

Nasir Khan is the new Bad Man in Television; here is Nasir talking about his negative roles in Sony's Amber Dhara and Zee's Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai...

Nasir Khan, son of the legendary comedian Late Johny Walker, made a mark for himself in the Television arena, playing a successful businessman with a golden heart, in Kabhi Aaye Na Judai on Star Plus. Today, he plays two contrastingly negative roles, in Sony’s Amber Dhara and Zee’s Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai. Ironic it is that being the son of the ‘King of Comedy’, Nasir finds pleasure playing the Bad Man on Television.

Here is Nasir talking about his roles in both the serials and his future plans..

We are seeing you playing negative roles with a difference. You play Anuj in Amber Dhara who is a scheming person, while you play the rich selfish business tycoon in Har Ghar. How would you describe your two roles?

Vishal in Har Ghar, is an arrogant man who likes to mind his own business and not interfere or let anyone interfere in his matters, and he can get really bad to the people who try to come in between him and the thing he wants; Whereas, Anuj in Amber Dhara is a street smart Bombayite, who just wants to make money. He has his own style and attitude, he dresses quite differently too. Anuj and Vishal are similar in only one way, that is they both are negative, but other than that, I don’t see any similarities between them.

Which character do you like the most and why?

I enjoy doing both the characters; they are so different in their own ways. One being a street smart bombayite and one being the arrogant rich business man, both have very different styles and shades to their personality. So its really hard to pick just one out of both of them.

Your take on the concept of Amber Dhara?

I really liked the concept. Now with shows running the same story lines over and over again for the past seven – eight years, people on television, want to try something new. Amber Dhara is a concept which is quite different from the others. And as far as I see it, its doing really well. And it feels great to be a part of such a theme, that’s unique and that’s filled with so much talent.

Now that Amber and Dhara are out of Anuj's reach, what is in store? Will Anuj forget the girls , or is he determined to get them again?

Well, yes, Amber and Dhara are out of Anuj’s trap now, and Anuj will soon be out of the picture, but he will be back soon.

How is it working with the unit of Amber Dhara? And how is it working with the girls?

Its simply wonderful. The girls are excellent and the efforts that they have put in, is simply beyond words.

Moving to Har Ghar, what are Vishal's plans now? He wants to do something with Gyan's disputed land, and wants to use Akshay-Gyan's friendship for this. So what is in store for the audience there?

Vishal has big plans in store, he will eventually get into the family, only to destroy it. For the rest, you will just have to watch the show.

Describe the 3 protagonists – Prarthna, Siddhi and Sanskriti in your words.

Prarthna, I would say is Level Headed; Siddhi is Utterly Selfish, while Sanskriti is Frank.

Anything other than these two shows that’s in the pipeline?

Well, I am not doing any new shows, but I am directing a film. I can't reveal more about that right now, as things are still pretty immature to make any statements, but yes, do look forward for some major surprises.

Nasir seems to be on a roll, as a Bad Man in both the serials.. So watch out for him, is what we would say at the moment!!

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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jhony walker was only a screen name
as you know 'jhony walker' is name of whisky and he played lots of roles of a drunk man :)

16 years ago

nasirt is very gud at doing both characters...i luv him as a bad!!!he is really gud in AD

16 years ago

omg i didn't knew his father was Johny Walker... how come his last name is Khan and his father's last name is Walker ???

16 years ago

thanks! well i love to hate him as Anuj in AD..which means he is portraying the role very well..lolz!


16 years ago

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