I eagerly awaited my return to the fiction genre: Sriti Jha on her comeback with Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye

Sriti Jha, in an exclusive chat with India Forums spoke about her comeback to the fiction genre, teh audience accepting her in a new avatar and a lot more.

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Sriti Jha

In an exclusive conversation with India Forums, Sriti Jha, who is gearing up to captivate the audience with her role in Zee TV's upcoming show 'Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gayi,' shares insights about her return to the world of fiction, encountering characters like Arjit in real life, her take on reality TV, and more.

Given that people still recognize and appreciate you as Pragya/Fuggi from Kumkum Bhagya, how do you feel about making a comeback to television with a new character?

Ideally, I aspire to create a fresh and distinctive presence. The development of Pragya's character was a gradual process involving the collective efforts of writers, creatives, and directors. Similarly, Amruta is currently in the making, and we are diligently striving to shape her character into something noteworthy. The destiny of Amruta remains uncertain, but I am committed to giving my best to convey the authenticity of this character to the audience. Ultimately, it will be up to the viewers to decide whether or not they connect with Amruta.


Analyzing the promos, we observe that your character Amruta values love and relationships, while Arjit's character holds a contrasting perspective. How do you interpret this dynamic?

Personally, I believe it will resonate well with today's audience, particularly in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. In these urban settings, diverse viewpoints on marriage prevail, with some individuals wholeheartedly supporting the concept and others vehemently opposing it. I think our story effectively incorporates both these perspectives, providing a relatable narrative for viewers.

Following your stint in Kumkum Bhagya, you also participated in two reality shows. Now that you've returned to television with a fiction genre, which experience do you find more enjoyable?

As an actor, I believe I excel in my craft. While I participated in reality shows, I was always eager to be part of a fiction series. Portraying oneself on screen involves considerable effort, and being able to embody different characters is always more enjoyable.


Are you eagerly anticipating witnessing Sriti in a new avatar?

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Will watch the drama only for her

2 months ago

I hope drama ki story achi ho

2 months ago

Sriti, good luck to you !!! Adore you !!!

3 months ago

Welcome Back Sriti Jha

3 months ago

Happy to see a good actor back on screen <3

3 months ago

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