'I don't repeat the same mistakes' - Rohit Khurana

Vansh aka Rohit Khurana of Colors' Uttaran sweetly shares his real life fascinations with Tellybuzz….

Favorite Shades when it comes to glasses: I'm fond of Aviators especially of Carrera brand.

Your favorite season: Winter.

Form of entertainment you like the most: Listening to music and playing games on my I-pod.

Favorite Cartoon Character: Tom & Jerry.

Do you have any phobia: Nothing as such, but if I would be asked to eat insects or something…I don't think that would be easy for me.

So you won't be part of reality game show like Fear Factor?: No I would be, as I love playing games,. May be then I would at least give it a try.

Heavy boots or slippers: Actually I'm more comfortable in slippers but I love wearing shoes. So I would say both.

Favorite Film: In Hindi it would be DDLJ undoubtedly and in English Rambo Series.

One thing you never leave your home without: Actually its not one. I don't leave my house without my cell phone, wallet and glasses.

One strength and Weakness: Weakness- I'm very emotional. Strength- I'm very patient.

And what happens when you lose your patience: Tears just roll down my eyes and I like to be alone and try to know the reason for such situation.

A mistake you often repeat: I don't repeat the same mistakes over and again. (giggles)

A song you can never get tired of: At present, the song 'Beautiful' by Akon.

One word that can describe you: I'm a very Shy person. I take time to come out of my shell and mingle with people.

Freedom to you is: Do what you want to and don't think about others. Just enjoy that moment.

Your Secret Desire: I want to go to Europe. I have been to almost all other places except that one.

The Car you have a crush on: Toyota Fortuna and on equal lines even Audi Q7.

Your message to your fans: Keep loving me and enjoy my performances. And please share your sincere advice with regard to my work, so I can deliver the best to you.

Reporter and Author: Pooja Shenoy

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Vansh, luv your simplicity and acting...but were not looking good in your wedding dress, yuk, very bad, look at the wedding costumes of "AISE KARO NA VIDA'' , even tappu and Ichha were wearing very drab, Ichha 's duppatta and tappu's saree fabric was same just the colour was different...I donot know why such a gr8 show doesn't look good in terms of costumes...otherwise all colors shows.. whether it is ganga or ladoo or bhagyvidhata and newly aise karo has great look why Uttraan is drab...

14 years ago

a totally down to earth person lets say my kinda man =)i luv u this much >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> =)<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

14 years ago

now im waiting dat who ll expose tappu...i m really getting sick of her over cleaverness. pls stop it now

14 years ago

vansh kabhi nahi socha tha itni easily uttaran ki shooting dekhne ko milege or wo bhi aapke sath.Thankyou so much.as an actor u dont have any attitude.love u

14 years ago

He's a brilliant and talented actor. Keep up the great work Rohit :)

14 years ago

love his acting....his eyes just speak for him...love Vansh!

14 years ago


I always knew there was something about Rohit that made me like him. This interview kind of told me why.

14 years ago

i love beautiful song too by Akon hehehe

14 years ago

he seems a simple n sweet person :)
gud luck rohit but sorie we realli wish NOT 2 c u with ichcha :D

14 years ago

he is a sweet and emotional person(acording to this article)
but love his acting

14 years ago

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