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' I don't like using Glycerine' - Giaa Manek

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Giaa Manek of 'Saath Nibhana Saathiya' is quirky and funny, unlike her character 'Gopi'. We caught up with her to decode what makes this 21 years old tick.

How did acting happen to an advertising student?
I know it is clichd, but I always wanted to be an actor. As kids, we vacillate a lot with our choices and parents don't take us seriously. My father asked me to complete my education first and then think about acting. So, once I was done with my graduation, I told my father that I wanted to get my portfolio done. I think for my father it sunk in then, that his daughter wanted to be an actress.

So, it was always going to be acting for you?
More or less! If not acting in isolation, then probably amalgamation of acting and dancing.

Any Bollywood plans on the horizon?
I have already acted in a movie before 'Saath Nibhana Saathiya' called 'Na Ghar ke Na Ghaat Ke'. I played Om Puri's daughter. I'm open to the idea of Bollywood and I have not set anything for myself in stone.

Any special actor you would like to work with?
(Laughs) I'm a huge Salman Khan fan. So, I can do any kind of movie with him, even if it means I have to run around the trees.

Any favourite holiday destination?
I have not been to all the places so can not really pick one. However, I have been to Switzerland and it was breathtaking. I would not mind going there again.

Anything you would want to change about the TV industry?
I'm not sure if it is restricted to TV Industry only, but I would want the exploitation of new comers to stop. New comers are expected to put in 15 hours a day and as you rise the ladder, your number of working hours decreases. I feel it is being unfair and should be the same for everyone.

Who do you get along the most with on 'Saathiya' sets?
Oh everybody! There is such a feeling of bonhomie on the sets. I do enjoy troubling Rucha Hasabnis. It is like role reversal for us. She tends to get irritable very easily, so it is all the more fun. I'm a prankster on the sets.

Is it very difficult for you to play 'Gopi'?
Let's say I'm 50 percent like her and rest is acting. I try and not use glycerine for any of my emotional scenes, so it just becomes that much harder, considering how much I cry in the show. Your head tends to pain a lot and it feels like you are putting in thrice the amount of effort.

You were recently embroiled in 'Hookah Controversy'. Was it the example of 'price you pay for being a star'?
People to tend to forget that I only play a character called 'Gopi' and once the shooting is done , I'm a girl in her twenties who is like any other girl next door. I went there with my mum and my best friend and next thing you know is there is this major hue and cry. I don't even consume 'Hookah' as I'm allergic to smoke. I guess people need to respect an individual's privacy. But, I'd like to take India-Forums as a platform to thank all my fans from world over who called and messaged me to say that they support and love me unconditionally. It means a lot to me!

Are you a shopaholic?
I like shopping but I don't go berserk shopping. I do have a decent level of fetish for clothes, shoes and accessories.

Reporter and Author: Medha Devendramita

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