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'I don't check my diet as I need to put on weight' - Dimple Jhangiani

Dimple Jhangiani is a complete food junkie and her favorite is Chicken lollypop... Here is the actress giving us an insight on her food habits..

Published: Sunday,Apr 27, 2008 11:50 AM GMT-06:00
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Are you a food-o-holic?

Yeah I am a complete food junkie

Are you a vegetarian or a non veggie?

A pure non vegetarian

What are you most likely to order if you walk into an Indian restaurant?

I eat anything in chicken.

Is there anything you don’t like to eat?

No I eat everything

Your favorite restaurant..

Thai Spice in Bandra

Strangest dish that you have ever tried and where?

Cockroach…(laughs) No actually I haven’t tried any strange dish…ummm but wait, I did eat some seafood in that I found quite strange. It was some kind of shell fish.

Do you like to cook?

I love to cook.

Your favorite ghar ka khana?

Rajma chawal

Do you watch your calories when you eat something?

No not at all. I have to anyways put on weight.

Which part of Indian cuisine fascinates you the most?

Punjabi food

Other than that which is your favorite cuisine?


Any particular dish that makes your mouth water?

Chicken lollypops. I can eat them everyday.

What is the most expensive restaurant you have been to?

house in Hyatt.

Do you drink alcohol?

Not on a regular basis, but yeah once in a while for parties.

What’s your normal food schedule in a day?

My day usually begins with breakfast wherein I have a glass of milk and eggs. For lunch I prefer eating rice, dal, sabzi and curd.

So what happens when you are shooting?

Well, I can’t follow it while I am shooting as we don’t get long breaks. I just grab a bite here and there, maybe biscuits or some snacks.

Does your morning start with a cup of coffee or tea?

A glass of milk with haldi.

Any embarrassing situation you faced while eating your food?

Yeah, I had gone to a Chinese restaurant once and I had to eat my food using chopsticks. I was unable to do so and I ended up leaving my food as it was, telling my friends that I wasn’t hungry.

Reporter and Author: Melanie

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funks_21 14 years ago i agree,
its 2 diff 2 eat wid chopsticks
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-Afreen- 14 years ago she seriosuly neEds to gain weight..she's so thin...but she's pretty...thnkxx:)
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angel_of_09 14 years ago She's right! You don't neeed to have diets! That's why she's so beautiful!
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
ramas 14 years ago she definately needs to put om some weight. Thanks
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
april19 14 years ago wow.. finally someone with the same problem as me: needs to gain weight not lose!! :P
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
Eyez 14 years ago Thnaks
she was honest with the last one lol
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Ranbirrocks 14 years ago She is choooo sweet and down to earth..last one was really brave thing to say !!!!
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Mariha_LoveIF 14 years ago hahaha the last one was quite funny.
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Jaslove 14 years ago wow dimple sure looks like a foodie, I must say all the food she eats, she must hav a really good metabolism...lolz

thnks for da article
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aandhanika 14 years ago cool to know more about her....oh yes, eating food with chopsticks isn't difficult .... it's very easy
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