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'I don't believe in having a moving animal as meal' - Ragini Khanna

The vivacious beauty Ragini Khanna shares her love for food and the secret of her beauty and fit body...

Published: Sunday,Oct 19, 2008 09:28 AM GMT-06:00
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Are you a foodie?
Yes I’m a big time foodie. It’s basically that I live to eat but currently am on diet.
Are you a vegetarian or non- vegetarian?
I am a pure vegetarian.

What do you prefer, ghar ka khana or hotel ka food?
I prefer both, as once a week I do go out and have my favorite cuisine.

Is there any dish that you can’t control to have?
There is nothing as such as I’m on a very strict diet right now. When I know that I’m not supposed to have junk food or anything on similar lines, then I don’t. Even if you give me my favorite dish, I won’t have it.

The best dish you ever tasted?
There is nothing that I would call the best dish. I like all Italian dishes especially pasta and lasagna.

The worst dish ..
I remember I was very young and had just started to learn cooking. I made gulab jamun and that was the worst dish I ever tasted. Those gulab jamuns became so hard like rocks.

Your favorite tela (roadside) food?
I love to have pani puri.

A must-have thing in your breakfast?
Almonds and tulsi leaves are a must-have during breakfast. Tulsi is for detoxification.

Your lunch consists of..
It consists of two rotis, dal, green vegetables and juice.

What about your dinner?
I prefer to have light food which consists of salad and soup.

Are you a calorie conscious person?
Of course I’m as I have to be. Being an actress I need to take care of my self and stay fit.

Is there any particular dish that you restrain from eating?
Being a Punjabi I still restrain non-veg food. I don’t believe in having a live and moving animal as my meal.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Shehreen_27 12 years ago Is ragini a punjabi? :) OMG Ragz u r the best love you keep up the good work and keep smiling cz seeing yu happy makes me happy and thanks a ton for the article :) <3<3<3<3
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Julybaby22 14 years ago ii totally agree with herr ... no one should have a living animal as a meal = )
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arabian_love 14 years ago wish i could be like her lol he he he :-D
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Rita Shah
Rita Shah 14 years ago Great. I do agree with you that you (no one on earth) should have anything is moving on your dinner table. God have not not given that right to any one.
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ArmaansGirl 14 years ago nyc..i was a pure vegi but dan i cnt stop mysellf frm cinees orange chicken nchicken lollipop! but chicken is da onli meat i eat! beef,no lamb or any seafood! :p wish i could restrain but my fav is pani puri also! lolz but also luv bhel puri!
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radhika_21 14 years ago i love her in rkbkkd!
i loved her answers and im'a a pure vegetarian like her!
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Payal25 14 years ago @ bthind -I think she's in Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi :)
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-Navi- 14 years ago shes pretty but who is she? did she act in any serials?
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swan20 14 years ago thanks for the article.......pretty picture
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Jenifer. 14 years ago she looks beautifull in that picture...they need to show her like that in RKBKKD more often! heard she's also doing a movie so all best to her!
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