'I don't believe in having a moving animal as meal' - Ragini Khanna

The vivacious beauty Ragini Khanna shares her love for food and the secret of her beauty and fit body...

Are you a foodie?
Yes I’m a big time foodie. It’s basically that I live to eat but currently am on diet.
Are you a vegetarian or non- vegetarian?
I am a pure vegetarian.

What do you prefer, ghar ka khana or hotel ka food?
I prefer both, as once a week I do go out and have my favorite cuisine.

Is there any dish that you can’t control to have?
There is nothing as such as I’m on a very strict diet right now. When I know that I’m not supposed to have junk food or anything on similar lines, then I don’t. Even if you give me my favorite dish, I won’t have it.

The best dish you ever tasted?
There is nothing that I would call the best dish. I like all Italian dishes especially pasta and lasagna.

The worst dish ..
I remember I was very young and had just started to learn cooking. I made gulab jamun and that was the worst dish I ever tasted. Those gulab jamuns became so hard like rocks.

Your favorite tela (roadside) food?
I love to have pani puri.

A must-have thing in your breakfast?
Almonds and tulsi leaves are a must-have during breakfast. Tulsi is for detoxification.

Your lunch consists of..
It consists of two rotis, dal, green vegetables and juice.

What about your dinner?
I prefer to have light food which consists of salad and soup.

Are you a calorie conscious person?
Of course I’m as I have to be. Being an actress I need to take care of my self and stay fit.

Is there any particular dish that you restrain from eating?
Being a Punjabi I still restrain non-veg food. I don’t believe in having a live and moving animal as my meal.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Is ragini a punjabi? :) OMG Ragz u r the best love you keep up the good work and keep smiling cz seeing yu happy makes me happy and thanks a ton for the article :) <3<3<3<3

13 years ago

ii totally agree with herr ... no one should have a living animal as a meal = )

15 years ago

wish i could be like her lol he he he :-D

15 years ago

Great. I do agree with you that you (no one on earth) should have anything is moving on your dinner table. God have not not given that right to any one.

15 years ago

nyc..i was a pure vegi but dan i cnt stop mysellf frm cinees orange chicken nchicken lollipop! but chicken is da onli meat i eat! lolz..no beef,no lamb or any seafood! :p wish i could restrain but my fav is pani puri also! lolz but also luv bhel puri!

15 years ago

i love her in rkbkkd!
i loved her answers and im'a a pure vegetarian like her!

15 years ago

@ bthind -I think she's in Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi :)

15 years ago

shes pretty but who is she? did she act in any serials?

15 years ago

thanks for the article.......pretty picture

15 years ago

she looks beautifull in that picture...they need to show her like that in RKBKKD more often! heard she's also doing a movie so all best to her!

15 years ago

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