I decided to go to the Golden Temple before giving my first shot for my show: Avinesh Rekhi

Avinesh Rekhi of Zee TV's new show 'Ikk Kudi Punjab Di' reveals visiting the golden temple before giving his first shot for the show.

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Zee TV's upcoming fiction show, "Ikk Kudi Punjab Di" is a high-octane drama that promises to captivate audiences with its powerful storyline and well-written characters. Produced by Dome Entertainment, the show is set to deliver a riveting narrative that will be filled with unexpected twists and turns. Based in the princely state of Kapurthala, Punjab, the show follows the journey of Heer Grewal(Tanisha Mehta), a beautiful, vibrant young woman born into a Jatt landlord family. Her biggest priority is the well-being of her family. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she marries into the Atwal family, making everyone wonder- Jisne maangi sabki khair… Waqt ne kiya hai…. kyun us se bair?

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While the first promo of the show has managed to grab a lot of eyeballs, we have another exciting update regarding the show starring Tanisha Mehta and Avinesh Rekhi as Heer and Ranjha respectively. The cast recently shot the promo in Amritsar, Punjab, and Avinesh Rekhi, who is a Punjabi himself believes that any journey should start on a positive note. Hence, as soon as Avinesh landed in Amritsar, even before giving his first shot, he visited the Golden Temple to seek the blessings of Sri Harimandir Sahib ji to commence the journey of the show on a pious note! 

 Avinesh Rekhi said, “Every time I am in Amritsar, I ensure that I visit the Golden Temple to seek blessings. So recently when I travelled there for the promo shoot of my upcoming show Ikk Kudi Punjab Di, I decided to go to the temple before giving my first shot for the show. I believe everything should start on a positive note, and there couldn’t have been a better way to commence this journey. Golden Temple holds a very special place in my heart; no matter what time of the day you go there, despite thousands of people’s presence, the place can make you feel tranquility, that is the kind of power it holds.  As always, I need everyone's love and blessings to make this project a success, thank you all for showering your love on the first promo of the show, I feel blessed.” 

 While the audience will be thrilled to see Avinesh Rekhi in a fresh avatar, it will be interesting for the viewers to watch how Ranjha will help Heer fight against all the odds in her life.

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