'I can't stand ladies finger' - Shilpa Shinde

Shilpa Shinde of Maayka fame is right here at Telly Buzz sharing her passion for food, her most embarrassing situation while eating food and much more in our weekly on Food-O-Holics...

Are you a food-o-holic?
I am a complete food-o-holic.

The strangest dish you have ever tried and where?
When I was in Singapore I had a kind of noodles there. Actually the thing is that I am very fond of Chinese food and everybody had warned me not to eat that particular Chinese dish in Singapore but still I tried it. Firstly it was very expensive and when the dish was brought, it was stinking very badly and I was not able to eat in spite of being a lover of non veg dishes. So I feel that it was the strangest thing that I ever tried.

What's your normal food schedule in a day?
Chapatti most of the time and I have non- veg which will mostly be fish or chicken.

Are you calorie conscious when it comes to food?
Yaa, a bit!! I try and avoid eating fried food but I like to eat Vada Pav.

Do you love to cook?
I love to cook and am very good cook too. When I go to the kitchen I usually make a variety…

When was the last time you cooked?
I cooked Chicken Keema for my entire cast very recently.

Any dish that makes your mouth water?
I really like all dishes of fish. In vegetarian, I like Rajma Chawal and all Chinese food. I just can’t say no to food!!

Is there anything that you do not like to eat?
I don’t like to eat ladies finger. I don’t like to chop it also, so whenever my mom gives it to me, I run away from the kitchen.

What are you most likely to order if you walk into an Indian restaurant?
I like to order Sandwich and like to order any item of rice.

Do you drink alcohol?

How do you usually begin your day, with coffee or tea?
One cup of tea in morning...

Any embarrassing situation you faced while eating your food?
Once I went to a kid’s birthday party and while I was having dinner, I took a chicken leg piece and you know there was some kind of flesh in that leg piece. It was so delicious, I started to hog at it without realizing that I was at a public place. Everyone was observing me and I was not even aware as I was totally involved in eating.(Laughs aloud)

Any traditional dish recipe you would like to share with our readers?
Try out Chicken Mildalu, friends!!

Chicken marinated with curd, ginger and olive oil, keep it for some time. Just fry the chicken without putting oil. It will taste yummy!!!

Reporter: Binita Ramchandani
Author: Ranjini Nair

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awwww...i luv when actresses dont starve themselves LOL


15 years ago

hahaha! that's so cute! she hogged at it lol!

15 years ago

chicken chicken chicken har jagah chicken hi chicken hai


15 years ago

mmmmm....she's got my mouth watering...& i just had a very big snack!

15 years ago

lol i think i am becoming quite a fan of hers, she is hilarious....never watched her in maayka but am looking forward to watching her in waaris.....

15 years ago

awwwww she is sweet.. just like her onscreen sister..

15 years ago

i don'y like it too
she's soo cute

15 years ago

nice 2 read...i like her!!
thnks 4 the article:)

15 years ago

Shilpa is cute, I totally love this gal!

15 years ago

hold on it's lady finger not ladies finger 4 a moment i was WAT hehe... some call it Oakra

15 years ago

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