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'I can not be diplomatic' - Priyal Gor

Tellybuzz in talks with Priyal Gor a.k.a Rajkumari Manyata of ' Dekha Ek Khwaab' on Sony TV

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Priyal Gor a.k.a Moniya of 'Dekhha Ek Khwaab' is a chirpy and an effervescent girl who claims that she can not be diplomatic. She spoke to Tellybuzz and answered all the questions with aplomb...

How did acting happen for you?
It was right after my 10th Board Examinations and there was an entire stretch of holidays. I had done some print ads and I auditioned for a role all thanks to my mother and I got it. It is actually my mother who dreamt that I should be an actress.

How are you managing studies and acting?
Oh! It is very difficult. With serials , you barely get any time to dedicate to your studies. I missed my examinations!

How is the camaraderie on the sets?
We have a mix of senior and junior artists. I'm fairly new and do not understand politics. I just can not be diplomatic. But, so far , so good!

You are dating Ashish Kapoor. There were so rumors that you guys parted ways.
No. We are still together and we enjoy spending time with each other (Smiles!)

What is your off day like?
We do not get any off days! It is just back to back shooting.

What is your dressing style?
I do not wear Indian clothes. I basically stick to western wear - denims , skirts , shorts and dresses!

What is your guilty pleasure?
I love shopping. I just can not resist it ! I take Ashish Kapoor along and poor guy has to pick all the shopping bags!

You are very popular and have an immense fan following. Any interesting fan encounters?
There are not any encounters so to speak of. I mean fans recognize you and smile or wave at you. It is of course very satisfying. But , I feel the best compliment is when some senior artist see your work and come up to you and appreciate your work!

Which was the last movie you watched in the theater?
I watched Housefull2 and I must confess I slept through the movie. It was so boring!

What is your dream destination for a vacation?
I'm not going to take any fancy exotic foreign location's name. I'd rather see India first. India has so much to offer and I would want to see India's beauty.

If you were not into acting , what you would be pursuing professionally?
If not acting , I'd certainly be into fashion designing. I love fashion and I love dressing up , so had to be something related to fashion.

Are you a music buff?
Absolutely ! I love music, I love singing and dancing. I love grooving to Desi Boyz 'Tu Mera hero' these days. It is just a great song !

Reporter and Author - Medha Parashar

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wendy25 8 years ago come on guys , why every body is making a big issue over that film, i mean every one has their own opinion, its personal so their is no need on hating her for her choice.
and so what if she wears western clothing but wants to see india first.
holiday destination choice and clothing choice are two different thing. is she is comfortable in western so what's the big deal , even i have wore indian clothes hardly in my life but still love my indian culture and want to explore it. and about missing her 12th exams , how about you studying for your boards after 14-15 hours of work. she has chosen her career and is happy with it, so what.
may be she is planning to give it next year. we don't have any right to jump directly on conclusions without knowing whole matter.
at least the girl has guts to be honest in front of whole world. really appreciate her for that2012-07-06 14:53:29
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Sanju_ 8 years ago she is sooo cute and so right too...she is such a honest person... diplomacy is not the game of hers...she is still a kid...really like her!
Reply thumbs-up 6 thumbs-down
primehul 8 years ago I like u...i miss u...i love u...princess...i don't know what about of u and uday...but u are happy with uday... :)
Reply thumbs-up 9 thumbs-down
LizBennet 8 years ago Priyal is the Indian girl of today. She likes to wear comfortable Western clothing but has her values, I mean she would rather see her own diverse country than a foreign locale outside of her country. Love her honesty, it's awesome! Best of luck for the future dear, you are AWESOME!
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kojagoryfan 8 years ago love u u both.god bless u.manveer rock.2012-05-02 06:28:48
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wendy25 8 years ago Love you priyal,
you along with Ashish rock on and offscreen. sizzling pairing ever on television
Reply thumbs-up 15 thumbs-down
mahnoork47 8 years ago love u manveer and priyash:)
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BinKuchKahe. 8 years ago aww.. god bless her!
haters, please stay out.
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gaga00 8 years ago i am glad they are still together.. she does come across as a bubbly full of life girl and god i didnt know she is so young
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