'I believe in supernatural element' - Pankaj Singh Tiwari

Pankaj is an engineer cum model turned actor who debuts into television with Hats Off Productions' new show, Shree on Zee TV...

Pankaj Singh Tiwari essays the role of Hari in Zee's new show, Shree. Here is the actor in a candid conversation...

Tell us something about your background? Did you always dream of becoming an actor?
I’m basically from Madhya Pradesh, but have been in various places as my dad is in a transferable job. I had completed my engineering and was heading towards that direction but then I realized that this is not what I wanted to do. After landing in Mumbai I joined an acting school and within threemonths I started getting offers for ads.

Somewhere in my mind I thought of becoming an actor but as days went ahead, I thought it wouldn’t be possible. But as I said earlier, things clicked and I got this show.

How did you bag the main lead in Shree?
One day I just received a call from the production house to give audition for the main lead and I went ahead as it was Hats Off. Then I came to know that J. D. Majethia auditioned many guys for the role, but things didn’t click. One day he saw me in the ad of a mobile phone on TV and asked his team to get in touch with me. I gave the look test and was selected.

What is the similarity between Hari and Pankaj?
There are lots of similarities between my on screen and off screen personalities. Hari is a 25 year old guy who is impulsive and has high aspirations in life. He dreams a lot, just like me and respects and loves his family.

Shree has a supernatural element in it. Do you also believe in such things?
Yes I believe in supernatural elements but only as a force. God is also a force as nobody has seen, but still believe in. There are supernatural powers which one can feel. It’s just that the vibes sometimes are positive and negative and accordingly we term it as god and the evil.

Have you ever experienced anything like this?
Yes, I remember in 1997 I was there at Shirdi with my family and we were planning to return the next day as it was Diwali. I and my family are big followers and believer of Sai Baba and after the darshan, as we were leaving I met a poojari and took his blessings. As we moved further I saw that same poojari again. We stopped the car to know what was happening. He came to us and said that this year you will all spend your Diwali here in Shirdi and we did just that. Since then things have turned out to be good in our lives.

Are you comfortable doing saas bahu sagas?
As an actor I should be comfortable doing any kind of role and show. I have to be versatile.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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I was lil sad sad today seeing negativity in some PPL..dirty politics ..
U made me smile by ur thoughts on supernatural elements which was a blessing from Sai Baba himself for me in your form..he''s the be all & end all of my life too..when I ''m sad..he comes in some form or the other & brings a smile on my face..instantly..like magic..always..
Exactly ..U know who is God & Shaitaan by the vibes from each one..
Thank you..Now I know what to do...
I wish you all the best & super Success all the way..
OM SAI SHREE SAI JAYA JAYA SAI..love u ..take care.

15 years ago

THANKS:) JD shows rock..This one will too:)

15 years ago


looking forward for the show

15 years ago

wish him all the best with his new new project and being in field:DDD
JDs//hats off prod shows are always great wish them luck as well with that upcoming show:P

15 years ago

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