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I believe in supernatural and they exist for good purpose - Neha Marda

TellyBuzz brings to you today's column on Supernatural and Uncanny with Neha Marda.

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TellyBuzz brings to you the 'Spooky and Uncanny' column with your favorite telly stars and tries to find out their beliefs in supernatural and their brush with the uncanny! This week we have Neha Marda with us, who is currently playing a character of Urmi in Zee TV's popular show Doli Armaanon Ki.

Here is Neha speaking regarding the same -

Do you believe in supernatural?

Yes I do as I have experienced it. I feel they exist for good purpose, there are angels but not ghost.

Craziest horror story you have ever heard as a kid?

My brother used to scare me by telling me the horror stories during my childhood days.

Have you ever had brush with uncanny??

We have ancestral haveli in Rajasthan. When we go there we always get to hear the sound of payal,we always felt that someone walks on the terrace of haveli but later we got to know that she is our grandmother who passed away.

Favorite horror movie??

The Exorcist.

Horror dare??

My horror dare has always been to our haveli.

Phalguni Sharma


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MasoomaBukhari 6 years ago neha doll i love u so much... u rock neha marda Heart great actress great beauty Heart
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kinsara.npl 9 years ago i knew that ankan will win bcoz he is the best dancer out of all.
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shivani003 9 years ago I knew Ankan would win. Congo to him. Happy Surjit came second. But... I didnt quite enjoy this show as much as I liked DID so dont really care if there's another season or not. Either way Iam still glad we got to see some talented dancers like Karan K, Karan P, Rajit, Ankan, Surjit etc.

Wow the grand finale sounds like such a star-studded affair. Sounds like its wortha a watch.
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