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'I believe in making things for myself' - Eijaz Khan

The very popular Eijaz Khan speaks about his ideal mate, strength, weakness and much more, in his set of Rapid Fires...

Favorite kind of Music: Classic Rock

Favorite Season: Monsoon

Favorite Holiday Destination: Definitely, it has to be New Zealand.

Favorite Movie: Right now, all movies of Majid Majidi

Ideal Mate: Someone close to Charlize Theron

If you had three wishes: I believe in myself, so why should I ask for any wish? I fulfill all my dreams on my own will, and I don’t need any kind of wishes. I believe in making things for myself.

Greatest Strength in you: Integrity.

Describe yourself in one word: I am ‘Funny’.

Biggest Weakness in you: I loose my temper at the drop of a hat.

Favorite Book: God Father.

If not an actor, then: If I would not been an actor, I would have been a farmer.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair


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abd_20 10 years ago I love Eijoo please come back on
cute doll
cute doll 12 years ago i can't even imagine ejaz as a farmer.. it's kind of cute
bewafa 12 years ago a farmer?

Well a mighty hot farmer at that! I wouldn't mind shifting to the countryside then! LoL

thnkas for the article!
rani2008 12 years ago awwww so cute him as farmer lol.. dude u look hot as anctor and i am sure u look hot in anythingg u wanna be
xsimzxchickx 12 years ago This content is hidden.
remix_ananya 12 years ago This content is hidden.
Jasmine... 12 years ago farmer hahahahhaha!!!!!!!
wat is majidi majid?????
by d way cool article...lol
pomegranate 12 years ago eijaz A farmer? cnt imagine that

pallavi25 12 years ago Farmer Eiju....cant imagine that! lol
why do they use the same pic for him for last 3 yrs? theres so many good pix on KA forum. Classic Rock I already knewthat, lose temper easily? Typical Virgo lol
-Pj- 12 years ago eijaz after ages aww she so cute. A farmer!! how funny
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