'I believe in making things for myself' - Eijaz Khan

The very popular Eijaz Khan speaks about his ideal mate, strength, weakness and much more, in his set of Rapid Fires...

Favorite kind of Music: Classic Rock

Favorite Season: Monsoon

Favorite Holiday Destination: Definitely, it has to be New Zealand.

Favorite Movie: Right now, all movies of Majid Majidi

Ideal Mate: Someone close to Charlize Theron

If you had three wishes: I believe in myself, so why should I ask for any wish? I fulfill all my dreams on my own will, and I don’t need any kind of wishes. I believe in making things for myself.

Greatest Strength in you: Integrity.

Describe yourself in one word: I am ‘Funny’.

Biggest Weakness in you: I loose my temper at the drop of a hat.

Favorite Book: God Father.

If not an actor, then: If I would not been an actor, I would have been a farmer.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Comments (22)

I love Eijoo please come back on

13 years ago

i can't even imagine ejaz as a farmer.. it's kind of cute

15 years ago

a farmer?

Well a mighty hot farmer at that! I wouldn't mind shifting to the countryside then! LoL

thnkas for the article!

15 years ago

awwww so cute him as farmer lol.. dude u look hot as anctor and i am sure u look hot in anythingg u wanna be

15 years ago

farmerr yeh right lmao! even though he wud have lukd sexc even in that gear! hheehe

15 years ago

wats majidi majid????cn ne1 tell me dat???the artile is quite funny!!!

15 years ago

farmer hahahahhaha!!!!!!!
wat is majidi majid?????
by d way cool article...lol

15 years ago

eijaz A farmer? cnt imagine that


15 years ago

Farmer Eiju....cant imagine that! lol
why do they use the same pic for him for last 3 yrs? theres so many good pix on KA forum. Classic Rock I already knewthat, lose temper easily? Typical Virgo lol

15 years ago

eijaz after ages aww she so cute. A farmer!! how funny

15 years ago

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