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'I am very clumsy in real life' - Shweta Gulati

Shweta Gulati simply loves mangoes and junk food, and has had some embarrassing moments when it comes to her food pattern...

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Is there any particular dish you cling on?
In this season, my heart craves to have mangoes. Also, I am a total junkie, and love to eat Pav Bhaji, Sev Puri etc. You name it and I love it.

Which is your favorite sweet dish?

Your favorite ghar ka khana?
I like lot of dishes, but the best combination is Dal chawal, Dahi, Achar, Papad.

What is your specialty?
I cook lovely Mutton Curry.

Is there any food that you would not eat as a child, but eat now?
Yes my mom never used to allow me to have eggs when I was a kid, the reason being that my body is very hot, and eggs usually heaten up your body. But now that my mom does not stay with me, I eat everything (smiles).

What is the most expensive restaurant you have been to?

The Restaurant in J W Marriot.

Do you have food fights?
I am a very poor eater, and if you do not give me anything to eat, I will still go with it. I am not a foodie at all, but I love eating junk food. Having said this, I will fight for any of my favorite dish if required.

How do you start your day?
A glass of warm water with lemon juice and honey in it.

Do you drink alcohol?
Very occasionally.

What is the strangest dish you have ever tried?
I don't experiment with cuisines. Also I never play around with dishes and restaurants. I end up sticking to the dishes and hotels I like. 

Do you get advised by people to follow a proper diet?
Yes, this happens always!! I don't eat at a proper time and don't usually follow a proper diet. So all tend to shout at me and I get loads of advices. 

Any embarrassing situation you have faced while eating your food?

There are so many as I am very clumsy in real life. I have done many things in the restaurants, for example, I have fallen down with the food plate in my hand, I have accidentally poured cold drink on my plate while eating, I have broken cutleries in restaurants etc (laughs).

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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saahr-cute 12 years ago ooohooo!
food secrets!
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KG4ever 12 years ago she is soo cute

my mom doesn''t let me eat too many eggs either
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apoosweet_3 12 years ago hi ur soooooooooooooooooooo sweet swetha
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swat.123 12 years ago LOL she is soo funnie
shez lukin soo cute in dat pic
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-Preeti- 12 years ago i love mangoes toooo
and also sev n bhel puri

love you shweta ...keep rocking
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organizedchaos 12 years ago hey shweta....that''s rly so sweet...i rly can understand how it feels to be i''m srsly clumsy myself....
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preet14 12 years ago what is with random peope saying THNX after every single article GOD ITS ANNOYING ME
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shockalot 12 years ago She''s SUCH a cutieeeeee
mwahh, just adore her1
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rekhab25 12 years ago she is funny.i laughed after reading her embarrasing moments in restaurantrs
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Riya07 12 years ago LOL fallen down with food LMAO she''s sooo cute :)
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