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'I am stupendously beautiful' - Priyanka Bassi

Priyanka Bassi aka Sam of Star One's Rang Badalti Odhani takes Telly Buzz' Quick Qrill...

Films you like to watch: The English patient and Umrao Jaan.

A book that inspired you: Go givers.

You are very afraid of: Lizards

Your Favorite song: Hosh walon Ko Khabar Kya and Dekha Tumhe toh..Behka diya…

Favorite food:  Dal chawal

One thing that you do when you always get up in the morning: I give a flying kiss.

Favorite actor: Aamir Khan.

The one question you would ask Aamir Khan: I would ask how he chooses the ventures he does, and what is that 'something' that makes him take up the project.

Describe yourself in one Bollywood song : Jhakas…

Your best friend : Sumani, she stays in New Zealand

One aspect of yours that is eco friendly: I don't like to throw papers or any material on the road side.

Best compliment that you received till date : I have received a compliment on my million dollar smile.

Name one thing you miss about being a kid: Childhood

One hidden talent of yours : My mischievous nature

One thing you value most in life: Myself..

One word to describe you: Stupendously beautiful

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar


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Vartika07 9 years ago @ varshita
Jis ko doubt hai aur jo agree nahi hai is baat se koi jaroori hai vo yahan comment de.
mysticgoryfilms 9 years ago Thanks! Always loved her ever since LRL. Loved Naina. Though I don't watch RBO, I am sure she is doing a nice job there as well.

Ooooh, an Aamir fan like me!!
poojabi 9 years ago your internal beuty reflects in your innocent and beutyful face.
** L.U.S.H **
** L.U.S.H ** 9 years ago i thnk its good to have confidence but not conceitedness so im sorry but u are in my eyes less prettier than u in reality are ...modesty makes one pretty its not about external its about internal beauty too2010-12-31 13:54:38
curledup 9 years ago wow! people get personal quick! dude there is no reason to bring in different actresses, I think its good to have self confidence and yes she is beautiful
-Saru- 9 years ago There is nothing wrong in being self confident!
assbandit 9 years ago We know you are beautiful...don't have to ticket yourself
varshita 9 years ago Jis ko shak ho vo apna shak theek kar le n i know ur stupendously beautiful.
JATINTHAKKAR 9 years ago Priyanka Makes an amazing Electrifying pair with Manish in RBO.
liquidfantasy 9 years ago she has reduced remarkably!!
looking hot :) goodluck!
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