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'I am so fond of Soft toys that I can even steal' - Pooja Bose

Pooja Bose, the subtle Swara of Imagine's Sarvagunn Sampann gets candid as she shares her set of Rapid Fires with TellyBuzz..

Which flower can best symbolize you?
White Flower symbolizes my persona the best.
Do you like staying up at night?
Yes I'm not an early sleeper.

Best part about Monsoon?
The best part about monsoon is the smell of wet soil, eating spicy bhajjya and sweet corn.

Do you believe in horoscopes?
Yes I do believe in it, though I'm not a staunch follower.

One historic person you wish was alive today?
Looking at the eve teasing and other tortures happening on women I wish Jhansi Ki Rani was alive.

Which is the cutest car according to you?
I find my Chevrolet Spark the cutest, and love it more because it's black in color.

Your Favorite subject in school?
History and Civics was my favorite subject.
Do you collect cuddly toys?
Yes, I have lot of them and when I like some toy somewhere, I initially ask if I can take it. If they don't allow then I'm ready to steal it (smiles).

How do you diplomatically reject a guy when he asks you out?
I'll tell him that if he is taking me out as a friend I don't mind accompanying, but if he has other plans then I would directly say a no.
Do you have a nickname?
Yes I do and that is Megha.

Is there a celebrity on whom you had a crush as a child?
Yes and I still have, it is Akshay Kumar.
Reporter & Author: Pooja Shenoy.


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nikita_88 10 years ago Cute interview!

Some nice answers!
Sophia21 10 years ago shes pretty.
Shes doing a good job in SS. i also liked her in Tujh sang preet lagai sajna!
naziah 10 years ago @zara_11 pooja wunt in kyamath she was in tujse preet lagai sajna(sumink like that)drama...n shezz in a new drama called sarvagun sampan on ndtv!hope that helpss..;)
zara_11 10 years ago It's bad to steal, come bac Pooja , i miss u soooooooo much from Kyamath-although it's ended so come back on a new show.
truerose 10 years ago Even i like the smell of the wet soil. Thats the best part of monsoon...so true!!!
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