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'I am scared of heights' - Krystle D'Souza

Krystle D'Souza, the charming girl of television talks about her fear, superstitions, rumor that had made her laugh and much more...


One Dialogue that you keep repeating: 'I don't know' should be the phrase or dialogue I use often.

One Actor who makes you go weak on your knees: Hrithik Roshan

A Daily soap you want to be a part of: I would love to do a horror show and want to experience being part of such a show. Also, I would want to be part of Remix.
If given a choice which character of daily soap you would like to play: I enjoy playing the character of Veera. She has every quality, whether it is negative or positive.

One thing that nobody knows about you: When nobody knows, then let it not be known to anyone (smiles).

Any Fear you have: Yes I have a fear for heights. I get very scared; I can't even shoot on the helipad of Filmcity.
A Rumour or Gossip that has shocked you: Rumors and gossips never trouble me. In fact, I laugh at them. One such rumor was that I was not allowed in a pub as I was declared underage to enter the place. When I actually heard of this, I was laughing my heart out with my friends.

Parties for you are: Close friends, good music and Good food.

Three things you can't live without: Cell phone, water and my family.

Your Latest Crush:
My new I pod (laughs), we don't have time to have crush.

An Actress who inspires you: Priyanka Chopra. I really like her, her movies, her looks and her acting.

You are Superstitious or Practical: I am definitely superstitious. I don't cut my nails at night, and if a cat crosses my way, I will never venture ahead.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair



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maryumtalks 8 years ago Love you Krystle!! your the best!! old interview but great reading it
Palak11291 8 years ago Merry christmas krystal..:)2011-12-27 11:54:27
Mulan08 11 years ago Good Luck , Dude

I was eagerly waiting to see you on silver screen.
Your work in Siddhant was marvellous and unforgettable. I am a big fan of yours and will make a point to watch for all your screen arrivals . Your presene can even instill life in a dull , monotonous concept ! You have immense talent!

You are truly a diamond that will shine for years to come!
Good Luck
*shilpa*karan* 11 years ago aww she luks so preety in the pic and she is very sweet and cute !
dmg_freak 11 years ago my god who''s dis chick???? she''s sooo cute n pretty!! i hav never seen her on tv. her name is also unique.....KRYSTLE. v both hav a lot of similarities btn us......even im scared of heights n i feel sooooo bad abt discoz i cant hav a ride in amusement parks......even i like priyanka chopra a lotttt.....n seriously i cant live widout my family n water + food + net + tv :D
radhika_21 11 years ago aww she is cute!
even she likes priyanka!!
burgerchaap 11 years ago Hey it''s Veera! :O
She looks so different in the picture & also pretty ;)
remixrulz 11 years ago This content is hidden.
missindia26 11 years ago cute answers
she looks very different but nice with her hair up
oruba 11 years ago This content is hidden.
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