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'I am not comfortable with the entire SMS format' - Rajshri Thakur

Rajshri Thakur stands out from the rest and as the 'Reality Show Fever' is at its peak, here is the actress giving her frank opinion on the same..

Published: Sunday,Mar 16, 2008 11:38 AM GMT-06:00
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Rajshri Thakur seems to be among the few leading TV stars of the day, who have kept away from reality shows. “I am not comfortable with this entire SMS vote format. If such competitions were genuine, then it would have been a different ball game altogether! And secondly, we are actors, why should we suddenly try to become dancers and singers? I also love to shake a foot, but that's for my personal pleasure and not for public consumption”, quips the dusky beauty.

I am not comfortable with the entire SMS format - Rajshri Thakur
But are such shows not a platform for actors who have yet to arrive? “May be different people have different reasons for taking part in such tamasha's”, comes the spontaneous reply from Rajshri.

Coming to Saat Phere, this LLB graduate says that, “Saloni over the past two years has seen lot of growth; at first she was a submissive woman, but later she comes into her own and starts fighting not only for her, but for others as well. As an actor also, I have got to play different kind of roles, within the same character, i.e. from a kid to a banjaran”. Did you make any special preparation for the latter track? “None whatsoever, I did not even know what my character was doing, until my scheduler told me that, I have to play a folksy lady”, chirps Rajshri.

Had the show not began on the fair vs. dark girl syndrome and meandered away to something different? “Please forward this question to the channel and the creatives. As an actor, I do not bother about these things”, says Rajshri. In closing, she refused to speculate on the reasons why this Zee TV daily had dipped in TRP some time back and was now making a come back. “Honestly this entire rating game goes over my head. Nobody can hazard a guess as to what the public will like”.

Author: Anil Merani

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ramas @ramas 15 years ago great article thanks. spoken like a true pro/
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smallwonder @smallwonder 15 years ago Case of sour grapes... She knows she wont get votes lolz...
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1 @IBserenity 15 years ago wow that's an awesome pic...
i love her frank personality.
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Naina @sumonetolub 15 years ago its not a matter of disinterest.....the creatives change the tracks as they go along and they wont be calling up the actor to say where the track will go......its all dependent on how well planned the tarck was......the dipping trps prolly explain why she didnt know becuz they prolly just changed the track all the sudden to higher the trps.....naina
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~*puja*~ @~*puja*~ 15 years ago I love how she's straight forward with her answers... and she looks gorgeous in the picture.
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Tani @Tani91 15 years ago wow...she totally rocks and she looks gorgeous in that pic!

but I agree with some of her views on the reality shows
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Dammy @damilola 15 years ago OMG she looks GAWJUSS in this pic !!!

Gwan Raj !!
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Rashmi @aandhanika 15 years ago Hi ....
How are u? my name is Rashmi and i'm a little fan of ours from Suriname. I'm a little fan cause i'm 15 years old and soon turning 16 on the 19th of april.....

anyways i'm here to wisheyou the bestest luck in life and that u rock!!

Okay bye now.....your little fan Rashmi
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Daebak @Daebak 15 years ago TiaMaria93.......yeah those jiju-saali tracks n 5 year leaps stuff is ekta's speciality and too crappy for words.....

But yeah Rajshree cant just say,I dont BOTHER about these things.....An actor does have a responsibility of what he/she is performing.....She doesnt even know whats happeneing to her character...the way she said..my scheduler told me about the banjaara track n i had no clue it was cuming....cum on now, is she soo disinterested already...

Anyways .....I dont have any personal enimosity with her...I just pointed out what i felt was right !
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bittersweet93 @bittersweet93 15 years ago I can see her side but she said it a bit too frankly...
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