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'I am happily unemployed' - Ejaz Khan

What's Eijaz Khan up to these days?


Ekta’s chocolate boy, King Khan of small screen is taking a much needed break right now after his recent cameo in Kayamath Serial on Star Plus.

Let’s get to know from the man himself what’s happening in his life these days.

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So what’s Eijaz Khan up to these days?

Well, I have not taken up any projects so right now Im just happily unemployed.

But I have completed shooting for my movie “Meerabhai not Out, which is to be released anytime soon when the producers feel to do so.

Does that mean we won’t be seeing you on television soon?

Right now I don’t know when I will be back television, but I will be looking up for work may be next month only.

So what else is keeping you busy these days?

These days I’m just trying to take care of my health a bit more, taking up more time for my work outs.

Also I have been busy visiting my family in different cities of India and abroad as well, I have not met my family and relatives in the past 4 years due to work, so just catching up with all of them. I just returned from yesterday after visiting my family over there.

You have been nominated for Star Parivar Awards, how does it feel and any expectations?

I really don’t have expectations for any awards, I always give my 100% to work so even if I win or not it doesn’t make a difference to me as long as my work is appreciated by my fans.

Can we see your performance at the awards?

Right now I can’t say, because I have not had a meeting with them. hoping to meet up shortly then only I will know whether I’m performing or not.

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We have so many fans online voting for your nomination, any message for them?

Definitely I would like to tell them all that, thank you all for the continuous support given to me at all times, but the awards really doesn’t matter to me as I have support from you all through out, those who like me also like my work, so what else could I ask more?. I do my work to please my fans, they are the biggest support in my life and everything I have done is just for them.

I’m really thankful to each and every one of them for there blessings. Thankfully I’m blessed with such great fans, so why do I need an award?

So here’s wishing you good luck for your career, and hoping to see you soon on our screens.

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Eijaz Khan

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chit-pit 11 years ago wowwwwwwwwww then we are waiting for u tocome back
prettyasjen 12 years ago Awwwwwwwwww bless him... I miss him man... havnt seen him around in ages.... Bless ya Eijaz =]


ar78655 13 years ago He is the KING KHAN OF TELEVISION INDUSTRY lOVE U SO MUCH........
ambarinaaltaf 13 years ago he is such a sweetheart...waiting to see him on TV....
Howlarious 13 years ago thxxx cant wait to see him on tv againn
maha786 13 years ago thx for the interview buttercup it was awesome wish he wins the award for fav jodi it will b gr8
diyafah 13 years ago butterlcious!!!wonderful article dear!!just too gud!!!
Subaltern 13 years ago Good for you, you deserve a break :)

Thanks butterji
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