Pavitra Punia addresses breakup rumours with boyfriend Eijaz Khan

While addressing the rumours, Pavitra Punia expressed her current reluctance to focus on relationships or marriage and emphasized her determination to prioritize her family and career.

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Pavitra Punia

In an exclusive interview with one of the leading portals, Pavitra Punia, renowned for her contributions to the small screen, she addressed the circulating rumours about her breakup with her boyfriend, Eijaz Khan. The actress chose not to disclose any details on the matter and earnestly appealed to everyone to respect her privacy.

Delving into a more personal aspect, Pavitra shared her recent experience of losing her father, who served as her unwavering pillar of support. She expressed her current reluctance to focus on relationships or marriage and emphasized her determination to prioritize her family and career.

In response to the multitude of inquiries from concerned fans regarding her relationship status with Eijaz Khan, Pavitra expressed deep empathy for her supporters, emphasizing her strong connection with them. She earnestly requested everyone maintain a calm and composed demeanour, affording her and Eijaz the necessary privacy. Pavitra appealed for support in her professional endeavours and urged fans to extend the same support to Eijaz, fostering a peaceful environment. She philosophically noted that whatever transpires in life occurs for a reason, underscoring her unwavering dedication and focus on her career. Pavitra, having recently lost her father, who served as her paramount support, finds solace in channelling her energies into her professional pursuits.

Pavitra provided insights into her familial duties, articulating, "A mother offers love, and a father provides security, protection akin to a wall." With an elder sibling who regards her as a maternal figure and is akin to a baby to her, Pavitra presently assumes the role of responsibility in her family. She is actively taking essential measures for her family's and herself's well-being. Pavitra expresses confidence that others will comprehend and value her decisions.

Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan

Despite signing multiple projects and anticipating a new chapter in her career, Pavitra urged her fans to respect her privacy. She emphasized, "At this moment, her sole focus is on her career. In any relationship, both individuals understand the nuances of their dynamics and are mature enough to uphold privacy and mutual respect. If rumours are circulating about her relationship, they likely hold some truth. She doesn't possess all the details," she concluded.

Highlighting her successful stint in television, Pavitra has been a part of hit shows such as Love U Zindagi, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Splitsvilla, Bigg Boss 14, Naagin, among others.

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Sorry for your loss Pavitra. Girl just answered Yes or No without going into details but with this replied you're dragging the rumors

4 months ago

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