'I am glad that I have made a mark in the industry' - Darshan Dave

Darshan Dave, popular for his Bihari guy role in Ajai Sinha's Ghar Ek Sapna talks of his experience and his journey as an actor...

Darshan Dave has been applauded by one and all for portraying the tough Bihari role of Sujeet to the ‘T’ in Ajai Sinha’s Ghar Ek Sapna, and the most befitting moment for him, was when he won the Best Actor(Drama) award at ITA for the same role.

Making a mark for himself now as the army officer in yet another Sahara One project Mera Sasuraal, the actor plays the two differing characters with élan. “For me, the biggest challenge is to show the difference in both the characters I play. This year has been very rewarding as I got the Best Actor award at ITA for playing Sujeet. I am glad that I have made a mark in the industry”, says Darshan. Composing music and writing stories have always been Darshan’s passion.

An actor who stepped into television with the motto that he would do only lead roles accepted the role of Sujeet in Ghar Ek Sapna after a persuading spree from Ajai Sinha. Now looking back, the actor says, “It took me nearly one year to create an impact in the audiences' mind, but it is great that I got an award even though I was not playing the lead role”. Talking about the rigorous preparation he underwent for playing an army officer in Mera Sasural, the actor says, “I got all the training needed from our producer’s husband who is an army man. I was thought to walk, talk and behave as an army man”. Darshan would not mind doing a reality show in the future, but at the moment he opines, “My schedule is jam-packed as I work for all 30 days in a month”.

A bachelor looking for his ideal mate, Darshan Dave says that while many would look for a beautiful girl, he would want a good human being to be his wife. Darshan is one of the actors who has bridged the gap between television and Bollywood lately, and will be seen playing the lead role in the Bollywood flick ‘Kuch Khel Kuch Masti’. After portraying a ruffian with a soft heart and an army man, the actor will be seen in this comedy film where he plays an RJ from Punjab. Even though he prefers films to television, the actor signs off saying, “I will never leave television as TV is God’s medium for me”.

Reporter: Binita Ramchandani
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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10 years ago

congrats for the award, u deserved it man.wish u all d very best.

14 years ago

Darshan Dave... <3 All the best to him... I've loved him as Sujeet for ages and was really thrilled when he won that award! He is truly deserving... All the best, Darshan, and keep up the fantastic work.

15 years ago

He is one of the finest actors in the industry...... He truely deserved tht award and also deserves all the appriciation All the best Darshan for all ur future projects u simply rock!!

15 years ago

he's a fantastic actor and relly goodlukinng dudee. xD

15 years ago

I love Darshan so much

He's truly an awsome actor

I love him as Omi. He really lights up Mera Sasural

15 years ago

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