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'I am enjoying the scope i have got in Saath Phere' - Niyati Joshi

Niyati Joshi has been applauded by her fans for her sensitive performances in Saath Phere and Kumkum. Here is a Chit-Chat with her as she talks about her experiences!

Published: Sunday,Jul 22, 2007 10:24 AM GMT-06:00
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I am enjoying the scope i have got in Saath Phere - Niyati Joshi
She is gorgeous, yet simple! The ‘Girl Next Door’ with an ever pleasing smile, this is Niyati Joshi for you all! At the tender age of 19, she took to the podium as one of the contestants for the 2006 Miss India Contest. This young bundle of talent has risen to fame with sheer hard work. Portraying the character of Pia in Saath Phere, she echoes the sentiments of a woman subjected to rape abuse, fighting for her rights against the so-called principles of society.. In Star Plus Kumkum Ek Pyaara Sa Bandhan, she plays the role of a girl going astray, getting raped by her boyfriend, thus learning life the hard way... Though the situations have been more or less similar, Niyati has excelled in her performances and has won the hearts of her fans with her gripping and sensitivel emoting and acting prowess.

India Forums’ Telly Buzz brings you a Chit-Chat with this fabulously gifted Niyati Joshi….

Your track is on full swing in both the shows - Saath Phere and Kumkum. Your comments on that !!

Niyati: Yes, its been some hectic work in the past few months, with my character gaining importance in both the serials. As of now, my main track in Kumkum will come to an end in few days, so that leaves me with Saath Phere. Work in Saath Phere is in full swing and I am enjoying the character. Its been different as for the past two weeks, I have been working without makeup…

The track you are playing in Saath Phere of Pia, a damsel raped and troubled by her husband is similar to Aashka who is also troubled by her boyfriend… So what have you to say about this?

Niyati: Yes, it’s a coincidence that I play a raped woman in both the serials.. But the thing to be noticed here is that, I did not go thro the rape phase in Kumkum, because I entered much after this track.. But in Saath Phere, I got a scope to perform and portray the feelings of a woman raped and abused. So Saath Phere gave me more exposure, I would say..

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I am enjoying the scope i have got in Saath Phere - Niyati Joshi
U emote fabulously, especially your scenes in Saath Phere are really gripping and emotional… How tough was it to play these scenes?

Niyati: To tell you honestly, the scenes were very tough. I was emotionally drained at the end of the day. I had to be sobre, without makeup , always crying for 2 weeks in a row… Even the rape scene was tough to shoot, 2 nights in total mud and kheechad… But I was determined to give my 100%.. I am really happy that the response has been great and all have liked my acting..

What is your take on the story track now? Saloni fighting against the reason for divorce stated by Sridhar while the family believes in getting Pia freedom from the wicked husband…

Niyati: Yes, The whole rape incident of Pia has put the family in a fix.. But yes, I will ultimately get divorced and the story will slowly move towards finding the rapist.

How is your character in Saath Phere going to evolve?

Niyati: Well, Pia was very subdued, a very faithful and affectionate wife to begin with.. Later life comes to a standstill after the rape and after her husband wants her out of her life.. But slowly, Pia will get confident, will get stronger and will get to the rapist with the help of Saloni… This is the crux of the story ahead..

Speculations are on that Kakisa might be evil, Abhi is one of the suspects, also viewers feel Sridhar could have done it to get Pia out of his life.. Can you throw light on who the rapist is?

Niyati: (Laughs).. Wherever I go, all want an answer to this question. But I cannot reveal anything as of now, because the suspense is the TRP of my show… Keep watching, I can surely ensure that it will be interesting and a big surprise is in store…

In Kumkum, will you eventually go back to Vikram, or will Abhishek trouble you even now?

Niyati: Even there, I cannot reveal the future track.. But yes, by next week or so, the main plot revolving around me will come to and end… I can just say that all’s well that ends well with me…

Which character do you enjoy doing the most – Pia or Ashka?

Niyati: Both characters are different, I enjoy playing both.. But at the moment, I am loving the scope I have got in Saath Phere. I have got an opportunity to perform and I have accepted it with both hands…

I am enjoying the scope i have got in Saath Phere - Niyati Joshi
Which character do you relate to more?

Niyati: Nobody..(Laughs). Both Pia and Ashka cry at the drop of a hat.. Both are not strong enough.

How do you manage time with both the shows on?

Niyati: It was really tough, but my schedulers helped out big time.. Now that my track in Kumkum has ended, things have eased out and I concentrate a lot on Saath Phere. Yes, I will be around in Kumkum, as I am the daughter of the house, but my main plot will end.

If there was one thing you could change about either of the characters, what will it be?

Niyati: As I said , both cry a lot. Trust me, at the end of the day, I get so emotionally drained that I forget to smile. They both should have been more strong, this is my point of view. If only these characters smiled a bit more, it would have been nice. But a smile does not bring us TRPs as crying would.. So I guess tears is what makes TRPs..

How is it working with Mihir Mishra in Kumkum and Sachin Shroff in Saath Phere?

Niyati: Very very nice!! I am pally with both of them and am very comfortable with both.. Infact, both units are like two familes for me. I have had no problems whatsoever with anyone in both the units. Infact, when I am working for Kumkum, I miss my Saath Phere family and viceversa..

Any new project coming up?

Niyati: As of now, I cant think of taking one.. I am very busy with Saath Phere as the whole story revolves around me. This track will go on for another 1 ½ months, so I will think about new projects only after that..

As Niyati says, tears and glycerine is nowadays a ready remedy to buy high TRPs.. But we just hope that the character of Pia and Aashka get something to cheer about and get back their smile in the days to come..

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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illuminated. @illuminated. 16 years ago I really like her acting in Saat Phre...she is doing great job!
Aamazing article
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Sandeep @~Brown.G~ 16 years ago thanks
your you play you character really well in saath phere wish you all the best
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Kiran @kimmu 16 years ago Thanks for this, it was really nice to hear about her, i really liked her acting
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tina srestra @tina_sre 16 years ago Thankx 4 sharing....I just love her acting in Saath Phere
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Jessi @mz.jess 16 years ago wonderful choice i liek tht they picked her for saat phere's pia
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GK @gk_09 16 years ago Niyati has an awesome job with the character of Pia! She was the perfect choice for this!
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realitybites @realitybites 16 years ago Thanks for the great interview and interesting replies by Niyati. No doubt she liked her role in SP it gave lot of scope to perform & she gave brilliant performance.
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palchin @taintedangel 16 years ago I love her acting and she's only 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is sooooooo swett!!!!!!!!!
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Ankita @anku2cute 16 years ago Awww Niyati is a small baby...just 20 wowieee...But her acting s superbbb wowiee mindblowing...Love her as Aashka in kumkum...

will miss her hwn her track ends but wish her gudluck for future...lovely int. sree di
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Tiffany @TiaMaria93 16 years ago aww isnt she a sweet heart...didn't know she was 19!!! wow! her acting is very mature for a 19yr old- just like prachi desai!!! yay niyati! all the best with ur future career!
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