'I am confident that I will be back thro' Wild Card' - Jayant

A special chit chat with Chhote Ustaad Jayant Singh who won everyone's heart through his soulful ghazal singing.

Jayant Singh of Indore is one of the contestants on Star Voice of India Chhote Ustaad who is an excellent ghazal singer, and even managed to mesmerize Ghazal maestro Ghulam Ali ji when he visited the sets of Chhote Ustaad. Though he got eliminated,he is now again in the fray through wild card round. Ghulam Ali ji was so impressed that after his elimination, he took Jayant as his student. Here he is an exclusive chit chat with Jayant.

How are you feeling now when Ghulam Ali saab has chosen you as his student?

I am feeling on top of the world. I am learning singing since 8 years and this was my dream to learn from such a great singer. Today my dream is becoming true, when I met him. I am proud of myself that he chose me as his student.

Why do you think he chose you as your student?

I am interested in Ghazal singing and when Ghulamji came on our show, I sang Ghazal. He liked my song very much, so he accepted me as his student.

Do we need special training for singing in Ghazal genre?

Yes, we do need special training. I am singing in this genre since last year 8 years and today Ghulamji is going to give me training.

What would you like to say about the wild card entries?

I think I have 100 percent chance of getting back into competition. I have performed well. Now it's up to audience and judges to decide. But I think I will be back into this competition again.

Who is the biggest competitor for you in Chhote Ustaad?

I think all the Chhote Ustaad contestants are my competitors, rather than the challenger. But let me compete with my wild card contestant first, then I will think of further challenges. I am basically concentrating myself on my wildcard performance now.

According to you which of the contestant have lot of change to become Chhote Ustaad?

I think Anwesha and Ashwirya.

How many days the training session will be there?

I have no idea about that.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Melanie

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Comments (3)

just wanna wish u all d best jayant.....u will surely make ur way...

16 years ago

am very happy for jayant that ghulam ali saab is training him

16 years ago

But we know that Jayant is not back through Wild Card :(

Or hold the thought - is it a case that there will be 2 wild card entrants??

Anyways, great news for Jayant that his dream comes true to learn music from Ghulam Ali saab. Could he ask for more?

16 years ago

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