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'I am completely like Aryan in real life' - Faisal Raza Khan

An exclusive Chit Chat with the 'Bad man' of Indian Television - Faisal Raza Khan.

Published: Thursday,Oct 04, 2007 20:15 PM GMT-06:00
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He is ‘The Bad Man’ of Television right now! To begin with, Faizal Raza Khan played a Baddie in Zee’s Banoo Main Teri Dulhann, but then went miles ahead, with his totally wicked and negative role of Shakti in Solhah Singaar. But now, the actor is happy to have got a completely positive role to play, in Zee’s afternoon soap Rakhi.  This actor is all set to prove his versatility and wants his acting to speak for himself.

Here is Faizal Raza Khan talking to our Telly Buzz Reporter Hiral, about his varied roles and his experience..

I am completely like Aryan in real life - Faisal Raza Khan
Your thoughts on the hectic shooting schedule of tellywood and how do you manage two shows back to back?

It does get difficult at times, since i am playing such different characters, its piles up on you. But then, its just an experience of a different kind.

Brief us about the character you are portraying in Rakhi? How different it is from the other characters you played so far?

First of all, it’s the first afternoon show that I have done and more over, this is the first show I am positive in. Also, the story is really unique. The emotions shown here are different. It’s the first show that focuses on a brother and sister’s bond. And I can too completely relate to it, as I too have a sister, and I am also really attached to her. And about my character – Aryan, I am playing a positive role, I somehwere thought that Aryan will be negative soon, but when I saw the story and screen play, I guess Aryan will be positive for a really long time.

How much are you like "Shakti" "Kartik" or "Aryan" ?

I am completely like Aryan in real life. I am a very homely person. And I am a very romantic guy in real life, and I am glad that I can play that part in my reel life too. Otherwise, in most of my shows, I am just being the ‘bad guy’ to every girl, but as Aryan I can be my self.

So who’s the lucky lady?

(Blushes) Yes, I am in love. I am in love with my work! (Long pause) she is the one!

Your look has been different in all the shows you did , like Karthik's rugged look, Shakti in his vests and Aryan in heavy brocade clothes , do you work on it or it comes naturally?

I work on it my self, along with the designers and the creative heads. Like for Aryan, we wanted the look of Pran Sahab, the rich and poise look. I did a lot of homework for that, was trying for something that will look royal.

Practically you are the most popular Male Villain we have in tellywood right now, how does it feel? Have you ever felt burdened by it?

It feels gorgeous… you have a free hand to do so many things… While playing positive, you become like Ram, and just end being stagnant and monotonous. But with the negative character, you can just play around a lot.

Do people mistake you to be just like your characters?

Yes, wherever I go, people give me a grin. I’ll tell you an incident that took place. My mother came down to Mumbai to meet me, and I took her to Manish Market, and she went to get something, and I was waiting outside for her. Suddenly this mob of aunties approached me with chappals in their hand and were yelling at me, that how could I do that to Vidya in Dulhhann. There was a scene where I was trying to get close to vidya, so all of them just remembered that, and they were pouncing on me, that how could I do that to her. I had to convince everyone that it was my character, and that’s not how I really am. I turned back and saw my mother just standing with the crowd and smiling. From that day, I’ve decided not to go out in public again. (laughs)

If given a chance, what role would you rather play - comedy, romantic or negative? Why?

I would definately choose a romantic character! Come on, that is just who I am in real life….

Who is your favorite villain of all time?

Pran sahab definitely, he’s a stylish actor. He had his class, the way he used to fight, and people truly loved him as the villain.

Pran saab’s talent can never be compared to anyone; but Faizal is truly moving the Pran Saab way. Just like Pran Saab,  who is still believed to be the Best Villain in Films, and at the same time, a very nice human being by heart, Faizal too balances his wicked and negative roles onscreen, and his humble and pleasing attitude off-screen, very nicely.. Way to go, Faizal!!

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author : Srividya Rajesh

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shin @lostworld11 16 years ago wow very nice article!!!
u rock faisal!! we are loving u in positive charecter!! now no need to scared of aunties chappels :)
good article hiral
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~*puja*~ @~*puja*~ 16 years ago Great interview/article... I can't wait to see him as a positive character, but Rakhi still hasn't aired here in the US.
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Yuvika @Yuvika_15 16 years ago wow!!! nice article...and the incident is funny where he got people yelling at him for his way of treating Vidya...aww bles him i lyk him in Rakhi
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