'I am back with the best, after working with the sweetest' - Aamir Ali

Kya Dill Mein Hai, the weekend love saga from Ekta Kapoor starts on 9X, December 1st at 8 PM.. Here is the star cast talking about their homecoming to Balaji..


Cupid strikes once again in Balaji as the production house is all set to launch its new weekend show on 9X, Kya Dill Mein Hai, a love story with action packed drama and much more.

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Kya Dill Mein Hai is the story of a naïve 18 year old, who comes across her Prince Charming and goes on a roller coaster ride of ‘pehla pehla pyaar’. Kakoon (Abigail) breaks all boundaries set by her family and falls in love with Anurag (Aamir Ali) and hence begins a romantic journey thru the twists and turns of life. A plot with a Bengally background, Kya Dill Mein Hai, might remind you of a Devdas or Parineeta, with sets that are larger than life and romance that’s in the air.

Abigail seemed over whelmed with the star cast and for the fact that she was playing a protaganist in the show. “I am quite nervous actually. I was in line for an audition in my college, and Ekta spotted me there, and took me in. It’s been exciting to shoot, and to be a part of the show, and I just hope it goes well”, says the teenager. Well, at the age of 15, to bag a role at Balaji as the main lead is surely an accomplishment.

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Kya Dill Mein Hai, also seems like a home coming for most of the actors in the show. Aamir Ali makes a come back to Balaji post Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki, and is all excited to work again with the production house. “It feels like I am back home. I started my career with Balaji, and now I am back with the best, after working with the sweetest production house, that‘s Rajshri…,” quotes the actor.

Anita and Anand Suryavanshi make a mini come back as well. Anita from the Kkavyanjali fame plays Kakoon’s elder sister in the show, though only for the first 3-4 episodes along with Anand Suryavanshi ,who was last seen in Kasauti starring opposite Amita for a cameo.

Along with Anita and Anand, playing the father of the two girls is Deepak Qazir, who was a major part of Ekta’s Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki as the head of the family. "Yeh kahaani do kanyaoon ki hai, aur unke kanyadaan ke liye main aaya hoon"(This story is about two girls, and I am here in it, as their father to do their Kanyadaan), says the humble Deepak Qazir...

Catch Kya Dill Mein Hai, starting the 1st of December on 9X...

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Pictures: Rishi Vyas


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CookMySock 11 years ago I can''t believe the main female lead is only >>>>15<<<<
Rah_HuJu 12 years ago Anita & Aamir should've been paired opposite each other...they would look good
srk_kadz 12 years ago very nice... I am really xited abt this serial coz of Aamir... I hav nvr seen any serial of Aamir yet... Actually I didnt evn knw der waz someone cald Aamir Ali until I saw him in Nach baliya... and I absolutely adore him nw... Lucky Sanjeeda... :D...
maha786 12 years ago ekta shd df approcach some new venture besides luv stories as she never makes the lovers unite koi na koi villian hota hai and the supporting actor becomes hte main hero later on and the main heri becomes the bad guy wahi poorana formula
AnotherMiracle 12 years ago awwww....gd luck aamir! hope the show goes well 4 u
anku2cute 12 years ago wowieeeee aamir is looking sooooooo cuteee...
Nishtha 12 years ago thnks to kaju n rishi for the info..great article great picures and andy is coming back *faints* hehe...
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