'I am an apt anchor for the show' - Salman Khan

For the very first time the muscle man Salman Khan will be seen as a anchor in Sony's new show Dus Ka Dum.Telly Buzz speaks to the star himself to know more about the show...

At last, the day dawns. After aggressive promotions, a mind-blowing music launch and eye-catching hoardings all over the town, Sony Entertainment Television's much awaited show Dus Ka Dum finally goes on air on the 6th of June. The show marks the debut of suave actor, Salman Khan, as an anchor on television for the very first time. To mark the launch of the show, the entire unit along with the host threw a grand party at Taj Lands End in Bandra.

Here are some of the excerpts from an exclusive interview with our very own Sallu Bhai.

Do you think you are an apt anchor for the show?
Yes I am definitely the right person to host the show. One doesn’t need to be educated to participate in the show, so I am the appropriate host (laughs aloud) and above all it’s a common man’s game.

Tell us something about the format of the show?
It will be for the first time that will think in percentages. It is for the common man and nobody has to be educated to participate in the show. The best part is that five questions will make you win 10 crores.

You have given innumerable hits on big screen. How does it feel hosting on small screen now?
There is nothing called small screen and big screen. In fact, I have a lot of friends who work in television, who earlier didn’t even have money for petrol for their bikes, but today own cars and bungalows and have huge bank balances. I think TV is a huge medium to get connected to people. In fact, the movies on big screen can be seen on DVD’s be it pirated or original right in your home. So I think television as a medium is huge as it has its presence right from our living room to our bedrooms.

We have seen the promos where you have made the contestants feel so comfortable on the sets. Any interesting moment that you want to share with us?
Umm… (Thinks quite a lot)…none actually… I want you all to see the show and watch all the interesting moments.

You are also seen in a ponytail in the reality show, so are you trying to ape Shahrukh Khan?
I like him a lot and I am a big fan of his. Sanjay Dutt and I had long hair in the movie Saajan too. But, this is actually a new look for my upcoming movie Veer by Anil Sharma.

If given a chance which celebrities would you call in your show?
I would rather not call any celebrities on the show.

Why have you also started to write a blog?
I think I have inherited the genes of a writer and so I am writing.

An actor wrote in his blog that I have named my dog Shahrukh, what do you have to say about that? Do we expect you to follow suit and write about him too?
See, my dogs are my life and I love them too. I think everyone has his/her wish to call their loved pet as they want. Yeah, I’ll definitely write about Shahrukh in my blog.

Panchvi pass did not do well in spite of having Shahrukh Khan as the host, how do you think your show will fare on television?

I think, no actually, I know it will definitely do well…

Author and Reporter: Binita Ramchandani

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kewll!!!!!!!! all the best.he is my fav.

15 years ago

It should be fun with salman and it would be nice to see articulated hritik too . he talks too well, graceful and stylist.

15 years ago

cant wait for his show...i love u salman

15 years ago

Thanks. So many stars are doing shows on TV now

15 years ago

omg my salu is hosting the show muhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

15 years ago

wow, thanks
I can't wait till the show starts. The promos look really funny, has some weird Qs Salman to ask da participants...imao

15 years ago

thanks 4 sharing
looking forward it

15 years ago

also depend on the formate, and participants, I think panchavi pass didn't work because of it's formate and those kids who insult participants, well, you see adults know much more than kids, so their knowledge is big that's what makes them hard to think, because they know more...
but I hope this show is good and it's participants are good too, sometimes the participants are so ewww they don't know how to behave... :)

15 years ago

It is so kind of Sallu Bhaai that he has said that he is a fan of SRK but Salman Bhaai is always different!!!!!!

15 years ago

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15 years ago

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