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I am afraid of politics - Neetu Chandra

Neetu Chandra stepped into the world of cinema with a comic flick "Garam Mashala" but there her character was not comic at all.

Published: Friday,Feb 15, 2008 17:25 PM GMT-07:00
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Neetu Chandra stepped into the world of cinema with a comic flick “Garam Mashala” but there her character was not comic at all. But with her new venture “One Two Three” she is ready to give you all a comic jerk. Director Ashwini Dheer’s film “One Two Three” has offered Neetu a chance to make people laugh with her character of a police officer.

Q.: Please tell us about your next film “One Two Three”.
A.: “One Two Three” is whole heartedly commercial movie directed by Ashwini Dheer. It’s his first film which is produced by Kumar Mangat. Before hitting the film bazaar Ashwini was he director of Sab TV comedies – “Office Office” and “FIR”. In the film I am playing the role of a police officer from Hariyana. My name in the film is Mayabati Choutala. Throughout the film I’ll speak in jutt language only. I am waiting for the film as because my character in the film is quite different from my character in “Traffic Signal”. As co-actors there will be Paresh Rawal, Tushar Kapoor, Upen Patel, Tanisha Mukherjee and Esha Deol in the film.

Q.: Your have a sports background. Did you have any advantage playing the role?
A.: Yeah, my physical fitness helped me a lot doing the character. I am habituated with the body language required for this character. That includes playing basketball with

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guys, showing arrogance to them etc. As far as the language was concerned my brother and his friends helped me a lot learning it. I am really thankful to my brother in this regard as language plays the biggest role in depicting this character. Without the proper language I could never have played this character.

Q.: As you said that your body language in this film is like that of boys. Have you tried to copy any hero to play this character?
A.: No, I never have tried to copy anyone. When I came to this industry people told me that I look like Smita Patil and better I act like her only. But I never copied her. As an actress she played very serious characters. I have watched all her movies and I think it’s really tough to act It’s very bossy kind of character. Mayabati always controls everything and gives orders to other characters. The story of the film is based on a robbery. Mayabati doubts all the characters as thieves. And that includes all from Paresh Rawal to Tushar Kapoor.

Q.: How much inspired is your character by the real Mayabati, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh?
A.: That’s a political question and I won’t comment on that. Basically I am afraid of politics.

Q.: Suneil Shetty is your partner in the film. What do you think of him?
A.: I grew up watching Suneil Shetty. About him I would like to say that he is very helpful actor. He is incomparable in comedy. There were some situations where he taught me many subtle things about comedy. Atmosphere at the set was quite friendly. He never differentiated anyone because of his seniority. I think it was a great achievement for me that I worked with such a person. I have previous experience of working with Paresh Rawal and in the set of this film we shared really good time.

Q.: What would you like to say about the director Ashwini Dhir?
A.: This is his first film and that’s why he is happy yet nervous with the film. He has many expectations on that film. I am really stunned seeing his dedication to films. I believe that from the first film he will make his position among the best directors of the industry.

Q.: Please tell us about your forthcoming films.
A.: This year four of my films will get released. After “One Two Three” there will be the horror flick “Flat Number 13B”. In that film I have worked with Madhavan under the direction of Vikram who has made many films in South but this is his first film in Hindi. Besides that I have worked in Dibakar Banerjee’s “Aur Lucky Lucky”. You must remember that Dibakar is the director of “Khosla ka Ghosla”. In “Aur Lucky Lucky” I am playing the role of a Punjabi girl. It’s basically the story of a thief which is played by Abhay Deol. Paresh Rawal is playing his partner in the film. In that film you can see me absolutely without make-up. My third film in this year is Sahara’s “Mumbai Dus”. It’s a collection of ten true stories based on the backdrop of Mumbai. There are ten directors directing separate stories. Rahul Dholakia is the director of my story which is based on a home maid. Besides these films there is the Tamil version of “Flat Number 13B”. I am playing the lead in all other movies except “One Two Three”.

Q.: Do you think audience will accept you without make-up and that’s even so early?
A.: It’s very tough to know whether people will accept me or not. If audience likes me onscreen without make-up then I don’t have any problem appearing like that. People asked me the same question during “Traffic Signal”. And once the film was released I got so many offers because of that look only. I think directors and producers like me without make-up. At the end of the day they have to sell their films. In “One Two Three” I have worked in a glamorous song, too.

Q.: Do you think that you can take the responsibilities of a complete film?
A.: Yeah, absolutely. You will know that watching the film. My directors have faith in me and that’s what even I like. And that’s the only reason they select me for their films.

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