Dharmendra upset over Esha Deol's divorce, urges reconsideration

Reportedly veteran actor Dharmendra is sad over Esha Deol's divorce decision.

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Dharmendra and Esha Deol

Esha Deol's recent revelation of her separation from her husband, Bharat Takhtani, has stirred a wave of attention among fans. The actress, who was married for 11 years, surprised many with the news, prompting reactions from her family, particularly her father, Dharmendra.

Recent reports revealed that Dharmendra's sombre sentiments regarding Esha's decision. While he respects her choice, he is deeply saddened by the prospect of their family unit being disrupted. Dharmendra is urging Esha to reconsider, emphasizing the potential impact on their two daughters, Radhya and Miraya, who share a close bond with both sets of grandparents.

Speculations suggest that the separation had been brewing for some time, with the couple waiting for the opportune moment to make their announcement. Amidst the upheaval, Esha's mother, Hema Malini, stands by her daughter's side, offering support without interfering in her decision-making process.

Esha and Bharat's relationship, which began in their 20s, blossomed into marriage in 2012. However, earlier this month, the couple jointly disclosed their decision to part ways, prioritizing the well-being of their children above all else. 

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Okay didn't he think abt his sons before marrying hema malini?

1 months ago

I don't know these people and I want to respect their privacy. Lamentably, gossip gives me an occasion to examine my opinions about abstract issues.

"Old school" means "patriarchal" here. Does a typical old school person change his religion? That too, not for any philosophical persuasion but opportunistically? In this case, the man specifically wanted the Muslim perquisite of legal bigamy, which is exclusively a male privilege. Even if a man believes in gender equality, this behaviour must be called patriarchy.

Patriarchy is the old school where a married man with children feels free to switch partners, but a married woman shouldn't want her own space because motherhood is her identity. When she announces her decision, there is a paternalistic assumption that she hasn't given it enough thought until a male authority weighs in.

While adultery is generally a form of domestic abuse, and it was probably traumatic for teenage children when their father started another family, it's up to the families involved to find the best resolution for them, whether that's divorce and remarriage, staying married with an extramarital second family, or legal bigamy.

1 months ago

Dude didn't allow second wife's kids to enter his family home.

1 months ago

What impact his sons would have had when he decided to marry again without getting divorce? Was not that worse decision than hers?

1 months ago

Imagine having 2 wives at the same time with kids and then talking about impact on kids of divorce lol

1 months ago

He is old school and of course he’s upset over the divorce news

1 months ago

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