'I am afraid of ghosts' Kanica Maheshwari

The actress reveals her nightmare and shares her likes and dislikes with us...

Positive or negative shades: Since long I had been playing negative roles and am content with it. But if given a chance, I would love to portray a positive character.

Favorite chocolate & ice-cream: I like to have custard apple, flavoured ice cream and in chocolates, I like to have everything, especially Cadbury.

Your Favorite book/novel: There are so many books, but the book I love the most is "Conversation with God". I feel it changes the persona and life of people.

Any Favorite songs you like to listen: Apki Nazaro ne Samja Pyaar ke kabhil Muje... I love that song and can hear that any time.

The last time you cried: I cried last week when a honey bee was stuck in my ear. I was in lot of pain.

The last time you had a laugh: I'm doing that right now (grin)

Last time you boarded in an auto rickshaw: It's been a year since I got into an auto.

The latest movie that you saw: It was Luck By Chance and I enjoyed it.

Favorite holiday spot in : I love to visit hilly regions and Manali is my favourite place as it's really beautiful.

 If given a chance to become a producer, what kind of show you would do: There is this show called 24 on AXN. I will be glad if I got a chance to remake it.

 Life to you means: Its beautiful and depends on how one perceives it

 What is your dream role: The role of Nargis in Mother India.

 Hobby or Pass time: Reading and Listening to Music.

 You remember any nightmare that you experienced recently: I'm afraid of ghosts and many times I see such nightmares.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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ouch!!! a bee got stuck in her ears ... painful!!

hardly ever see he interviews, glad i read one now ...

i''m scared of ghosts too lolzz

15 years ago

A bee was stuck in here ear! =o

Poor thing, all animals seem to have it in for her

15 years ago

ouch honey bee,

bless her she survived da pain

15 years ago

Thnx OMG a honey bee stuck in her ears!! Thats too scary.

15 years ago

thnks for d article
she seems to be a very sweet girl
and poor thing so many things happen wid her ..... honey bee stuck in her ear ewwwwwwwwww

15 years ago

LOL....She wants to remake 24? Good luck with that....

15 years ago

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15 years ago

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