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'I am a very balanced person' - Aditi Tailang

Aditi Tailang takes our rapid fires rather calmly...

Published: Saturday,Mar 13, 2010 11:46 AM GMT-07:00
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If not an Actress then what would you have been: I would be a philosopher. I was inclined towards philosophy before taking to acting.

The Food item that you can have anytime: Noodles

Your Favorite Holiday Spot: Europe

Your definition of True Love: Love is an extension to oneself.

Place from where you shop frequently: Delhi

Hang-out place with friends: I go out with friends to all places in and around Mumbai. But I make frequent visits to Juhu as most of my friends reside there.

You would regard yourself as an introvert or an extrovert: I am an introvert; I am a very balanced person when it comes to talking.

Your Wildest Dream ever: I don't usually get dreams and when it is always happy (smiles).

One noticeable thing about your personality: I have heard people saying that my eye and smile are very good.

One thing you like to change in you: Nothing. I think God has made everyone perfect, nothing is wrong in anyone.

Any memorable experience: I don't remember    

Favorite Color: White

How concerned are you about the social problems in society: I am surely concerned. But rather than blaming the society or Government, I think we as individuals should first improve.

Do you love pets: I love pets, but my mom doesn't allow me to keep them. If given a chance, I would have dogs.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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ANUPAMA2 13 years ago we are missing you not able to see thesshow
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chakdephatte 13 years ago aditi, i really hope they dont change u in JPSYA. that would be very stupid of them and definitely not called for since i believe that u r the better actor amongst the 2 of u (sid and u)....

i like ur new haircut, and i just love the fact that its so untypical for a hindi serial lead to have this cut...
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naaznin 13 years ago after makeover she is looking more weird and is spending her nephews money on her makeup and dresses
girl you are just a care taker not the owner of business empire
cvs make only such stupid tracks and have they ever looked at the pair the height difference is much more than between amitabh bacchan and jaya bacchan
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mayur-tasha 13 years ago i thought she wanted to take up journalism.......these actors always changes their speech!!!!!!!! never mind i like her she is cute
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jonan 13 years ago Feeling perfect is ok...but at times u need to realise ur drawbacks and improve...(change ur expressions once in a while.)
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mayur-tasha 13 years ago @gurl-enchanted
She had improved a lot these days!!
no offence plz

nice answers
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BlackWitch 13 years ago "Nothing. I think God has made everyone perfect, nothing is wrong in anyone." - R U REALLY SERIOUS?? :O
And please pleeeeaaaassssee learn how to act, makeovers are not gonna help you. You have such an awesome male lead, just improve on the acting skills already :(
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StayStrong 13 years ago how sweet, she seems to be a very nice person.

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naaznin 13 years ago she is so short heighted and her male lead hot a very good height i guess how did she got the role
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aish_punk 13 years ago hmm nicee!

that pic there is gorgeous!
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