'I am a naughty foodie' Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput aka Manav of Zee’s Pavitra Rishta talks on his food fetish with Telly Buzz…

Are you a foodie?
Yes, I am a self-confessed food lover. I had discovered a very good food outlet called 'Moorthal' which was about eighty kilometers from my college. I introduced my friends to the heavenly parathas of this place. Soon I had talked them into a ritual of visiting this place atleast three days a week. But enjoying this delicacy came at a price. We had to bunk the first two lectures. (laughs), I'm such a naughty foodie that I even turn my normal friends into food junkies and have them bunk lectures just for food!.

Is there any particular dish that you cling on?        
Yes, Chinese and Pastas.

Your favorite ghar ka khana?
Rajmah chawal.

Which is your favorite sweet dish?
It keeps changing. Right now it's a Marathi dish thanks to my association with Pavitra Rishta. Its puran- poli.

Do you cook?
Yes, I do and in fact I'm proud to say that I am very good at it.

What's your specialty?
Chicken, the Chinese way.

Have you cooked for any girl?
Yes, I've cooked for girls, guys everyone.(laughs)

Is there any food that you would not eat as a child, but eat now?
I'm very selective about my food. I didn't like karela (bitter-guard) as a child and I don't like it even now.

What is the most expensive restaurant you have been to?
House of Ming at the Taj in Delhi.

Do you have food fights?
No I respect food way to much to waste it. That's why I eat so much, because I don't like wasting them.(smiles)

Which is your favorite drink?

With which drink do you start your day?
Lassi only.

Yes, every morning I have around 5-6 Aloo ka Parathas and wash 'em down with a tall glass of Lassi.

What is the strangest dish you have ever tried?
I don't remember its name but it was some kind of seafood that I had at the seafood festival in JW Marriott.

Any embarrassing situation you have faced while eating your food?
Once I gave all my friends a treat at Pizza Hut. After the whole party got over I realized I'd forgotten my wallet at home. So yeah, that was quite embarrassing.

What do you do for midnight food cravings?
Right now, in my profession I don't find any difference between night and day. But way back in Delhi, I used to get lot of midnight cravings especially during my preparatory holidays when I used to study till late night. But I being very naughty used this as an excuse to go out late at night to buy the famous 'Moolchand parathas.' By the way these are different from Moolthar ones, okay?

Your idea of a proper diet?
I don't have a good idea of a proper diet. My martial arts instructor gave me a diet chart. But I myself followed it for only about one and a quarter day…

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (53)

loll the last reply was a gud one ! followed for only 1 nd a quarter day :P

14 years ago

goona miss ya in kdmhmd

14 years ago

lol...if i eat that much den i wud get fat like a ballon in few yrs even wid gym...but luv him KDMHMD..miss him

14 years ago

he eatz so nch in da mornin.........
how he digest it.
5-6 alook parathas wid a glas of laasi............

14 years ago

he is so sweet and cute bt miss him alot in kis desh..want preet bak!

14 years ago

aww he's soo cutee...and how does he stay so fit?? he eats soo much

14 years ago

He is so cute n they article is also very nice...

14 years ago

such a cute handsome pic.....i lk the article too

14 years ago

5-6 parathas and tall glass of lassi for breakfast??? good for him....asli indian north indian breakfast.....like it....

14 years ago

aww hes soo cute! lv hm! hes vry sweet! thnks!

14 years ago

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