'I am a mixture of Sameera and Tashi' - Janvi Chheda

Janvi Chheda is back with an unusual love story with Sony TV's Tera Mujhse Hain Pehle Ka Nata Koi..

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Janvi Chheda was seen as the fearless and daring Sameera in Choona Hain Aasman comes across as the sweet and angelical Tashi in Sony's new show, Tera Mujhse Hain Pehle Ka Nata Koi.

The actress talks about her comeback to TV, on her new show and much more in an exclusive chit-chat with TellyBuzz..

How were you approached for the show?
I was called for an audition by the production house and after a long process and several rounds of auditions I got selected for the show.

How is Janvi in real life and how do you relate yourself with Tashi?
There are similarities as well as dissimilarities between Tashi and Janvi. Janvi in real life is very independent and ambitious unlike Tashi who is very bubbly and full of life and bringing sunshine to other people's life.  At the same time, Janvi and Tashi are close to their families and both believe in living their life to the fullness.  They both have an identity in their own way.

Tashi's role model in the show is her father, who is Janvi's role model?
My Mom

Out of the roles that you did in Choona Hain Aasmaan, Maa, Maayka and Tera Mujhse Hain Pehle Ka Nata Koi which one is more close to you?
I am a mixture of Sameera and Tashi. Sameera was very ambitious and Tashi is very family oriented and I am both.

You have been seen in both the shades as an actor, which do you feel is more challenging?
It would be unfair to pick one because as an actor being in the skin of each character is challenging, be it a positive role or a negative one. Choona Hain Aasman is completely different from the character I have played in Maa and Maayka and all are different in its own way. The character I am playing in Tera Mujhse Hai Pehla Ka Nata Koi is also a different one and I enjoyed doing all these characters.

You are coming after a long break. What kept you away from TV?
I was on a break on purpose because I wanted to spend time with my parents and friends. All this while I was just chilling out, having fun with my friends, watching movies et al and was enjoying to the core.

What do you think is the USP of the show?

It's not just one that I can say the USP of the show is as the story is not a regular love story and there are a lot of things happening around it. The other would be it's a Cinevistaa's story in a channel like Sony.

Your co-actors Kunal Verma and Karan Hukku have a lot of fan following, how is it working with them?
It has been a wonderful experience because we were shooting in Manali, away from home for over a month. We spent a lot of time together hanging out and exploring different places.

How was the shooting experience in Manali?
It was wonderful and chilling as Manali is very cold unlike Mumbai and shooting was very adventurous. While shooting, I could not wear any thermal which made me shiver and that cannot be shown while acting. It was a different and amazing experience shooting in such beautiful and scenic locations.  

Have you been getting offers after your previous works?
Yes, I have been getting a lot offers from the South but, it didn't really work out and when Cinevistaas approached with the story I liked it and decided to do it.

What are you looking forward from the show?
I look forward to success, TRPs and of course, fans. I really wish the show does well, as the whole crew has been working very hard, shooting away from home and family.

Many fiction shows in Sony have not worked lately, so what made you chose a show in Sony?
Sorry, I cannot comment on the channel and its shows because for me this show is what really matters and I wish it works well.

How was it working with Cinevistaas?
They are really wonderful and take great care of me and are really cooperative.  

Any message for the fans
I know this would sound cliched, but I would like to tell the audience that this is not just an ordinary show. There is mystery, drama and emotions in its own difference and please watch the show.

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan

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Anything for you Jaaaaaanvi...:-)
Sure will watch!
<3 u loads!

13 years ago

u're AWWWWSSOMMEEEE in TMHPKNK..... love u!!!!!!

13 years ago

you doing a great job as taashi..keep it up

13 years ago

CHA has always been my fave luved watching sam and sam fight at the beinging of cha (samrat nd sameera) but yeh i havent watched the new show yet i dunno if its started or not??!! im gunna go see now xxx

hope u do well jhanvi x

13 years ago

awww.. i liked her as sameera!! havent seen her new show so cant comment..

13 years ago

I hope this show turns the fate of Sony !!! Jhanvi is looking gorgeous btw !!!

13 years ago

the show is really very good and Janvi looks very pretty... all the best to the show we will watch it regularly..........

13 years ago

the show is really gud she doing gud aswell

13 years ago

she looks better in this serial. Chhona hain mein 100pc behenji dikhti thii

13 years ago

hey the show seems gud and i like janvi...will catch some of its episodes

13 years ago

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