'I accepted the role for my India-forums fans' - Abhay Vakil

Abhay Vakil fans have a reason to rejoice as the talented actor replaces Prashant Chawla in Teen Bahuraniyaan..

Replacement seems to be the new trend in television today at least in Teen Bahuraaniyan. After the replacement of the third bahu Manjeet (Manwa) by Kajal (Soni Singh), it is now the son’s turn to be replaced. Prashant Chawla who played Mahesh will now be replaced by Abhay Vakil.

On taking up this new role Abhay says, “The show is doing very well and right now Mahesh’s track is quite strong. That was one of the reasons I chose to accept the role. Another reason to accept the role was because my India-Forums fans wanted to see me in a Zee serial. So I thought this was a good opportunity for me.” But Prashant was accepted by the audience too, so will the audience accept Abhay as the new Mahesh now? Abhay quips, “Replacement happens in every serial. Even popular shows like Kyunki have their main characters like Tulsi and Mandira getting replaced. As an actor it is upto us to justify the character we are playing. To get a feel of Mahesh’s character, I have watched quite a few episodes of the show so that I can pick up his mannerisms.”

When contacted to know about his sudden exit, Prashant Chawla says, “I am quitting the show by the end of April. It was a sudden decision as my mom was unwell and she is currently in . She needs me more, so I decided to leave the show. The production people were very cooperative and accepted my decision very well.”

We sure hope the audience too appreciates this change!!!

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Melanie

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Prashant Chawla

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Abhay Vakil

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Comments (20)

aww i loved the guy.. hope his mom gets well soon

16 years ago

good luck Abhay
you were very good in salaam zindigi and i am sure you ll be great

miss ya Prashant hope your mom gets well soon

16 years ago

he is cool..sure the fans will accept him in a positive way

16 years ago

In another interview Prashant said he quited the show as he got main lead in a daily show on Star. In this interview he said another story.

16 years ago

He's cool. I'm glad he is the replacement.

16 years ago

awwww......he came to india-forums jus for us fans!!!!!! we asked him so many times n he finally visited this site! omg, i cant wait till he comes on teen bahuraniyaan!

16 years ago

Aww I Kinda liked Prashant! Anyways Life Goes On..

Abhay Is Indeed A Very Good Actorr. Awwwnh So Sweet Of Him To Have Mentioned INDIA-FORUMS =)

16 years ago

Awwww... but I liked Prashant Chawla... ohh well, GET WELL SOON MRS. CHAWLA!!!

16 years ago

ohhhhh i love him toooo both r domn good good i happy far abhay he is soo cute :)

16 years ago

ohhhh my gosssshhhh yessssssss!!!!!! abhay is backkkkk!!!!!

16 years ago

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