Hussain gets engaged again...

It's full-on-masti this week in Indian Idol with Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar coming over as guests.. Also, the host Hussain is overcome by marriage blues all over again...

Published: Wednesday,Jan 28, 2009 17:15 PM GMT-07:00
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There are lots of surprises in store for viewers as well as the hosts and judges this week on Indian Idol!!

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Hussain who never wears his wedding ring was presented with his wife’s ring with a request to wear it again!! Our khabroo from the set says, “Hussein never has the habit of wearing it, but got a request to wear it for a week”.

“As he slipped on the ring to his own finger, he was seen murmuring to himself that this must be the first time a guy is putting on a wedding ring on to his own finger”, adds our source.

Well, after Hussein’s self-engagement, Farhan Akhtar who graced the episode along with his sister Zoya Akhtar quipped, “And now you may kiss yourself too”. This brought about a huge round of laughter and the atmosphere got joyous. 

Zoya and Farhan enjoyed the company of their dad Javed Akhtar. “When asked as to which song he will like to hear Farhan singing, Javedji said that he would like him to sing the song Main Aisa Kyun Hoon, and Farhan was quick to grant his dad’s wish and sung the song for him”, explains our source.

“While Farhan was in his full-on-chat mood, Zoya was the reserved type and silently enjoyed the happenings on the set. However, she sounded similar to Farah Khan with her one-liner comments. The only difference was that she was not that comfortable speaking Hindi”, concludes our source.

For now it’s going to be a visual treat for the audience to watch Hussain getting marriage blues all over again, with Farhan and Zoya Akhtar joining in for the episode…

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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sanw 13 years ago that''s so nice
must be interesting to watch
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snowdrop16 13 years ago awww..sho sweet..how cute, putting a ring on all by himself...lol
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shabdlover 13 years ago howww cuteee, mann tina is lucky to have a husband like husseinn and i hope they livee happilyyy, godd bless themm bothhh
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CrazzyBusy 13 years ago lol
sooooooooo sweeeeeeet of tina to give him this cute surprise
god bless hussien and tina and their enternal love that will never ever be less
love u
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bones88 13 years ago Awwwwwwwwwwwww God Bless Hussain and Tina
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-Navi- 13 years ago hummm whos zoya..........i want to see her.......does hse have a resemblence with shabana.....and javed.....and farhan.........
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miss_choxz 13 years ago yay...........cnt wait for farhan..............iv developed a very strong liking for him!!!
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TaAnu_Premeer 13 years ago Hussain is so cute awwww
thanks 4 the article
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-Afeelicious- 13 years ago Awwwwwwwwwww Soooooooo sweet of Tina to give unexpected and unique surprises to Hussain.........
Hussain is theeeeeeee best.......waiting to see episode......Hussain rocks.......
Tina and Hussain jodi rocks
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manzanas_asadas 13 years ago ahahaha!
Omg I never knew that Farhan was the son of Javed Akhtar!OMMG!!!!!:P
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