Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath's all new Ninja series to have exciting action!

Life OK’s Hum Ne Li Hai... Shapath is coming up with an all new exciting Ninja series.

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Life OK's popular show Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath which is always known for introducing new series, is all set to bring forth another exciting series for its viewers.

Our source says, "In the upcoming new series of the show, there would be Ninjas fighting with the cop group. Things will go wrong in the academy and while investigation, the cops will get involved into fights with Ninjas. The fight is going to be very different from the fights of thief and cops."

Rishina Kandhari will also be seen taking a 1000 ft. leap over the cliff and she also learn't martial arts for the sequence. She told us, "I enjoyed my stint at Shapath. Such shows give you a different perception and satisfaction. Episodic have their own charm. I am a fitness freak. The very idea of learning Martial arts for fifteen days was excellent. Not everyone makes so much effort for actors to learn a new thing. It was great fun. I performed stunts myself under guidance.  Doing action sequences for a TV show was great."

Amir Dalvi, who plays senior inspector told us, "We all are very excited about the sequence. It is a new genre. We all have actually worked hard for this sequence. We were out for 20 days and it was difficult for us to shoot this action sequence. I remember that I was standing on a height and it was very risky because I couldn't balance my body because of the breeze. It was quite an interesting experience while shooting for this sequence."

That's quite fascinating and attractive!


Rishina Kandhari Shapath - Super Cops v/s Super Villains  Life OK 

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Valini 6 years ago Nice to see good action shows in the making
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Ultrachic 9 years ago this is really very sad...may his soul rest in peace...ameen
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Budtameez 9 years ago Regardless of past bad deeds, Hindus are always magnanimous in conveying their condolences to the departed souls even though what Hussain did to hurt the sentiments of All the Hindus is unforgivable, If Hussain had painted Prophet Mohamed and/or Allah in nude, he would not have lived to the ripe old age of 97...2011-06-10 09:57:38
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saiba007 9 years ago may he rest in peace ameen... he was a great artiest.
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Nikhi. 9 years ago I'm very sorry to hear that. May his soul rest in peace, and mat his loved ones be strong throug hthis difficult time.
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Wistfulness 9 years ago This is a very sad news for us and I just pray that may his great soul rest in peace. A great lifetime has approached it's end but will remain alive forever in our hearts.
We Indians are proud of him and will always miss him. I don't care about those politicians because of whom the last few years of his lifetime was spend in pain. We are proud of him and will remain FOREVER.2011-06-10 02:41:16
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enchanted. 9 years ago May his soul rest in peace.
indians should be extremely proud of what he has done to art in our country.
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.Comics_Music. 9 years ago oh no!!
RIP Mr.Hussain!!!!
a wonderful artist!!!!!!
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aanyakunat 9 years ago R.I.P M.F. Hussain... It's sad that due to some people and their political agenda he had to spend his last few years in exile... May his soul rest in peace...
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404_NotFound 9 years ago May his soul rest in peace. However, could anyone with sane mind , justify his nude drawings of Indian Goddesses. He had no respect for religious's sentiments.

If this is freedom of expression, why making caricature of Prophet Mohamed brings in so much hue and cry and people are massacred across the globe2011-06-09 23:30:10
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