Hrishant's harsh comments leaves Veena with tears!

Hrishant Goswami's ill behaviour made Veena Malika and Sakshi to cry

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Colors' 'Bigg Boss' season 4 has already started making the life of the inmate's hell with playing game and tricks. But dramas are not always created; the temperaments of the inmates can also be one of the major reasons for the clashes. In today's episode, the audience would notice one more such drama, where Veena took the responsibility of preparing breakfast for the other housemates.

An insider source informs, "While Veena started preparing eggs, Hrishant, who is very much conscious about his health, was being served started passing comments on how oily the breakfast was. Veena quietly watched what Hrishant was upto and chose to keep silent. But that was not all enough."

"Post breakfast, Veena had a confrontation with Hrishant and admitted to the fact that he should have told her if he had complaints with her food. But Hrishant being a health conscious didn't want oil in his breakfast and tried to salvage the situation. Further the conversation moved to another level and Veena wasn't willing to listen. She took her criticism so much to heart that tears rolled down her eyes," source adds on.

Elaborating more on the situation source says, "Later on, when Hrishant hardly paid attention to her and said harshly, "Are you retarded?"  Hrishant's this nasty behavior and comments irk Veena even more and she will be left to console on others shoulders."

Not only Veena who fall pray for Hrishits bad behavior but Saakshi was also the one who has to bear the brunt with rolling tears.

Well, it's just day 3, long way to go Bigg Boss inmates, get ready with your temperaments!


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larki_punjaban 10 years ago actually hrishant was teasing Veena

and after that he laughed her out!

Veena was right abt him !
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shivani003 10 years ago Hrishant is a retard!!!!! He will last long on this show because he is good at creating arguments and being an ass to women...
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ab-cd_ef. 10 years ago good job Hrishant ...... Veena is really sick...she is a big drama queen ..whenever she sees camera she starts her dramas and over acting like always.... i just hate her i dont know what does she think of her self ...... great hrishant do continue your fight with Veena and keep it up im with you.....,
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binie 10 years ago this veena is copy of rakhi.... so much drama.... first made a mistake and then didnt want to accept it.... !!!! keep it up Hrishant....
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PinkLady09 10 years ago 1word Bullshit all 4 rating I bet later on he apologized which they will never show!
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b-daywish 10 years ago hrishant ur a jerk no GIRL WILL EVER LIKE YOU!!! bcuz ur a cold hearted jerk and trying to make ur self look good wont make up for how messed up ur personality and attitude is go 2 hell
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vasanti55 10 years ago Oh god Veena is drama queen,and sakshi and sarah are dumbo they even don't use their brain. infact they don't have brain . These girls are manipulators..
I like sameer
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phadukaran 10 years ago first Veena Flirts with Hrishant, and then to get more footage she fights with him. She needs extra attention. typical Rakhi Sawant,
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SourCandyDrop 10 years ago He's so rude he could've pretended to like her breakfast!!!
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-SanzAngel- 10 years ago BINGO !!! I just waiting for fighting actually lolz !!! let's see this fight segment .... yahooo

- Sana -
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