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'Hrishant and Shweta were selfish' - Begum Ali

Begum Nawazish Ali, the recent evictee from the Bigg Boss house speaks to TellyBuzz..


Begum Nawazish Ali has had an entertaining journey in the Bigg Boss 4 where she made few friends and foes as well. 

Here is Begum in an exclusive talk with TellyBuzz soon after getting evicted from the house..

Are you happy to be back from Bigg Boss4?
I am absolutely happy to be back from the show and to get into my real life.

What were the difficulties that you had to undergo in the house?
First and foremost there was limited sleep as we had to get up early in the morning and stay late in the night and no afternoon sleep too. That was an issue for me and the food was limited as it was a rationed supply. Also I terribly missed my mother and home.

Who were your friends in Bigg Boss4?
I was friendly with everybody in the house and I had no issues with anyone, but personally I was close to Rahul Bhatt, Seema Parihar, Veena Malik and Aanchal Kumar.

What do you have to say about the recent task that Hrishant and Shweta did?
I was very upset because I think they were selfish in that money task. If I was given the task, I would have rejected to do it and I would have been happy to be nominated on the show. But Shweta and Hrishant didn't think about what they are doing to the others and because of what they did, all our hard work went in vain.

Who do you think should win Bigg Boss 4?
Seema Parihar

How was the life in Bigg Boss after Khali entered?
There was not much of a difference for me, but the boys got obsessed with the body building. He is a very pleasant person.

How well were you involved in the house hold activities?
I was into all the household activities and I used to cook, clean and do all kinds of work. I had even prepared Chicken Kadhai once for everyone and they liked it too.

Are you going back soon?
Yes, I am leaving today

Are you apprehensive about how people in Pakistan will react after entering in a show like Bigg Boss in India because we already had some issues here?
People in Pakistan love me and I am not at all apprehensive about that. I had no clue about the issues here because I was in the house and now I am upset that such an issue has turned up.

How was it interacting with Salman Khan?
It was brilliant to interact with him and he is a wonderful person and a great actor.

If you get a chance to work in India will you come back?
I would love to return and work in India

What are your plans after getting back?
Nothing much, I just want to spend time with my family and hangout with my friends. 

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan



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maaniqra 9 years ago SALAM, salman u r my jaan and 9 day 22 hours pehlay i wish you many many happy returnes of the you so much.... salman i am big fan of you salman.AIMA FROM PAKISTAN2010-12-19 03:12:36
coolhotkash 9 years ago i jst wanna kick ds mean f her,,,ghar maito sada shweta shweta nd luk at her..shez so mean..i luv shweta shez d best nd she shud win d show...nd doin d task ws noway wrong idiotic begum...luv u shweta...mmmuuaahhh!!!
s_daya79 9 years ago i dont know her - can someone please tell me who this lady is?
GamesOfLife 9 years ago ali is a very up front person ...n he has always endorse honesty ...i think i would hav not taken the task 2 is game ...but i never believed in lines all fair in love and war ... i would call it a foul play ...just like ali did ... " match fixed."
BayAreaGuru 9 years ago There is nothing wrong in shweta and Hishant doing d task they were ask to. I bet he would have done d same thing .
shaheen8 9 years ago i dont undrstand evn if shweta iz playn a game watz wrong in it........aftr all itz a game only.n sambhavna shez a truth ki devi datz y she neva evr goz far in ne reality show n alwayz gtz kickd off so soon.she iz 1 of the most degraded person on tv....let 1 who playz the game the best win....wedr by politicz or non 4 uz enjoy!!
Faraan92 9 years ago Sana i really did'nt expected dis 4rm U...:(:(:(:( Shweta is'nt aunty..!!!
She hav maintained herself really well nd every 1 can see.. she does'nt even look like a daughter of a mother..!!!
Nd sambhavna seth is a bitch.. woh khud kisi kaaam ki hai nai aur dosroon k barein mei bolti hai..!!!2010-10-24 15:57:44
leavesandwaves 9 years ago Shweta, Vishrant are selfish not because they performed robbery to escape punishments but because the way Shwetha treated Sameer and his emotions. On one hand she tried to talk to him and then went and spoke badly with others. Sambhavana correctly said that Shweta is double faced and Sarah is naradmuni.
AnotherAdmirer 9 years ago Ali i rlly wont b missin u:P

-SanzAngel- 9 years ago sorry I-F member kia pata aap sab ko bura lage but i agree with ali .... hrishant and shweta aunty totally selfish ..... and today sambhavna seth said .... well said dear .... i agree her ....really jo sach bolta hai ...wohi out hota hai .. i think next is veena for sure !!!!!

will miss u ali ... GOD bless u

- Sana -
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