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How males Misunderstand female gestures??

Female tele stars discuss the day to day gesture misunderstandings with tellybuzz...


Our Life in this metro is running so fast that we hardly get time to express our emotions. So waiting back and clarifying the misunderstandings and problems has just taken a set back in our lives.

But today here at tellybuzz we give the female Tele-stars an opportunity to clarify their gestures towards the society and specially towards guys...

So we asked our celebrities to expatriate any 3 female gestures or actions which guys usually tend to misunderstand...

Sai Deodhar who just went blank on thoughts listening to the question asked for some time and when called back in an excited tone said though when it comes to guys I'm very clear about my intentions but generally i think... 

-If a guy offers a wine and girl accepts it then the guy thinks that the girl is of loose character and is of drinking types.

-If a girl and a guy are working in the same organization and girl is at a higher post and when she gets stuck in a problem if the girl genuinely says she can handle things and doesn't require a guys help. Then the guys find it offensive and think that she is egoistic.

-If any day the girl is genuinely in problem and asks the guy to drop her home than guys feel she is indirectly showing her liking for him.

Sukirti Kandpal who says that she has already given up on men completely and all the following gestures are out of her personal experience with guys in a past few days time...

-When we talk to some other guy the onlooking boy always feels that we are in a relationship because for them just pure friendship can never exists between a guy and a girl.

-whenever girls plan some surprise for them and hide anything from them for the same they always feel that we girls want to breakup. They are such Idiots they always ruin surprises. (laughs)

-And guys are so dumb that at times they can't figure out the 'Yes' in the 'No'. They always take all our answers in the literal sense and don't understand the underlined meaning within it.

Shikha Singh who went bonkers listening the question asked for sometime to think over and when called back she happily had neatly jotted down all the points and said...

-At times when girls share a friendly smile guys think that she is being flirty with him.

-They always misunderstand girl's tears as agony but most of the time it is due to love and concern.

-when a girl is silent then guys should understand that she is seriously thinking on something and they shouldn't be poking her by continously asking 'What are you thinking'. They need to understand that unlike guys girls have a filter in their mouth and they will speak when they feel like.

Kritika Kamra quickly said I can give you 300 gestures and retrospecting her experience with Karan Kundra she begun..

-They don't understand the humanly concern if we call them and ask where are you?, did you have your lunch tehy feel  we are controlling their lives.

-Guys don't spend time together and then they think they can compensate it with giving non materialistic things which is not right.

-Girls are generally more Mushy when it comes to do something very sweet a little romantic kind of a stuff and guys feel that it's gay.(laughs)

Rucha Gujrati in a sweet, calm way said...

-whenever girls get emotional or cry it always doesnt mean that we are over exaggerating or emotionally blackmailing.

-At times when girls sacrifice things out of love and concern guys take it as forced compromise or adjustment which leads to misunderstanding.

-And when as a frindly gesture girl accepts to go out for a coffee guys think that she is showing interest.

Rakshandha Khan replied to our question through text though she could think of jut two of them...

-when a girl smiles warmly without knowing you doesnt mean she is a fast girl.

-when she agrees to go for a coffee that doesn't mean that she wants to get into a relationship.

So Share your set of misunderstandings too...
Reporter & Author: Pooja Shenoy


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