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How I almost died laughing while watching Icchapyaari Naagin!

#FacepalmMoment: When Indian television murders logic and goes overboard with drama...

Published: Wednesday,Dec 07, 2016 18:07 PM GMT-07:00
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After the tremendous success of supernatural shows like Naagin, a lot of TV shows on the similar lines came up. Icchapyaari Naagin is one such show that recently went on air that shows a funny take on the whole Naagin Drama.

Let me give you a brief about the show. In this show, snakes have their own Planet/Land/dimension called Naagistan. What snakes observe is that the snakes on earth are very misunderstood. They are seen as dangerous beasts and are killed or shooed away at sight. So an Icchadari Naagin named Iccha, decides to come to earth to change the people's perception about snakes. She takes refuge in a Pehelwan family and is living happily with them.

Now I'll tell you what made me laugh out loud. In last night's episode, what happened is that one of the family members gets abducted by another naagin called Vishehri. So Iccha decides to go look for her. She decides to call fellow snakes for help. And to accomplish this task, she has to pray to Naagumi Dev. So here is what she says, "Hey Naagumi Dev. Mai Naagistan se Dharti par ayi hu, ek 'Sapoli' hu. Mujhe ek vyakti ko dhundne ke liye madat ki zarurat hai. Kripiya karke hamari madad kariye." And then 100's of snakes gather around her. She then talks to them and then projects an image out of her eyes! Yes! She has projector eyes! She tells them to go looking for the woman and all the snakes disperse. 

What's even funny is the way they transform into snakes! They cup their hands and put them on their head and sit on their knees to transform in a horrible manner. If she can have projector eyes, she can have a better transformation sequence too! And honestly,I don't get whats with this show and how it intends to change people's perspective about snakes. Honestly, even the toughest person will start running away as soon as he sees a snake!

We respect the fact that this is a fictional show and are not complaining about the concepts. Better dialogues and VFX is what this show needs, and it needs it ASAP! Or should I say, a Saap! 

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xme_mishrian 5 years ago Truly speaking i m not happy for mishkat for choosing this show as a comeback. He has a great acting skills but he is not getting proper praise he deserves. He deserves a much better show with new content.I can't stand such nagin shows bcz these seems utter nonsense to me.but my hero is doing it!how pathetic I feel while realizing want this show to end soon bcz i can't see him in such shows!nd I want him to enter in beyhadh as a lawyer.i know this is far fetched...but tht show has kept me hooked.atleast hee will have the opportunity to play a different role in a good show nd have the chance of growing his acting skills!2017-02-12 07:58:44
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E1101581 6 years ago This content is hidden.
ASRkiMoonlight 6 years ago Naagin is much worse! Why don't you go and critise them first..Kyun unke PR bante pir raheho
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TomNJerry... 6 years ago IcchaPyaari Naagin is really a stressbuster
Though its not having great vfx but its different in its concept and story
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