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How 2020 made Kartik Aaryan the on-screen star, a super-hero off-screen: Birthday Special

Happy Birthday Kartik Aaryan... From Monologue to Koki Poochega, to giving positivity to audience and choosing sentiments over endorsements, here's looking how the actor turned a Superhero off-screens...

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Kartik Aaryan

2020 has been a weird year for all of us. The onset of pandemic put everyone’s life on hold for some time, changed it and even restructured for some. In such critical situations, the entertainment industry was looked upon as several celebrities made big contributions to help the needy ones.

But if there was one celebrity who worked religiously to help the masses it was none other than Kartik Aaryan. The young actor not just helped the needy, but also entertained and enlightened the masses during this tough time.

The actor’s each step was commendable and today on his birthday we look at how this on-screen superstar became a superhero off-screen, who didn’t need any cape but just his smile and his warmth to keep the masses happy.

Kartik Aaryan


Kartik Aaryan had started his career as monologue-man but in 2020 what he did with his monologue was outstanding and commendable. He penned down the Corona Stop Karo Na monologue and the video became a sensation overnight. His quirky-urge to make the masses enlighten about the pandemic at its very early stage in our country made netizens realize what this pandemic is all about and how we need to act upon it. Hats off to this young actor’s brilliant move.

Koki Poochega

We all knew that Koki was Kartik Aaryan’s pet name and he’s fondly called Koki at home. But in 2020 the entire nation started calling the superstar Koki and netizens started following what Koki said and did. Koki aka Kartik started his own chat-show Koki Poochega and unlike the other chat-shows this was not for any controversies or to spice-up Bollywood gossip. His debut as host was just to make the masses aware of the situation as he interviewed Corona frontliners and people from various fields to make all of us know more about the novel virus. Each episode of his was mind-blowing and the actor opened our eyes in several ways.

Kartik Aaryan Koki Poochega


When our nation’s PM welcomed everyone to help in whatever way they can and contribute to the PM Cares Funds and reach out to the needy, the youngest heartthrob in our country took a big step. Kartik Aaryan contributed a huge amount of Rs 1 crore to the funds. Now this is a big amount for the young superstar to contribute, who’s just climbing up the pedestal in the industry. Moreover it was heard that the Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 actor even broke his fixed deposit to make this generous contribution. Truly a golden-boy.

Good News

In these critical times, what netizens truly needed was some light moment and something to watch to make everyone smile. Kartik Aaryan served humour unlimited also and that too on a daily basis on his social media account. Along with his show, the actor also made sure that he shared a special clipping where he shared a bunch of good news from all over the nation. These news-pieces were light, all-heart and at times even just for gags. This actor knows the importance of laughter in these times and we love his attempt to make us smile all the time.

Kartik Aaryan

Sentiments over endorsements

Kartik Aaryan amidst the pandemic and the tension in the country took one such big step that got everyone amazed. The actor was endorsing a big brand of mobile phone and when tension at our border was at its peak, the hunk gave up the endorsement to show his strong sentiments and emotions for our country. Now this is something really unheard of. Our actors barely give up endorsements on their own as it has a lot of money riding on their back. But our young actor took this step and didn’t even think twice.

Do we need to say more, from making us laugh to enlightening us. From standing up for the nation to contributing whole-heartedly, this young superstar has done it all. He doesn’t need a cape, he doesn’t need a symbol, because this rockstar just needs all the love from his masses to keep him going and continue with his extraordinary work.


Kartik Aaryan

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