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Housefull Music Review

Rewind to Amitabh Bachchan, kicking back in the epic music video in Laawaris, and fast forward to now, with the same song in question, but with a different arrangement.

Published: Tuesday,May 04, 2010 16:43 PM GMT-06:00
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'Oh girl, you're mine, oh girl, you're mine'

What?! Feeling like a stuck radio? Don't fret, this particular addiction syndrome is widespread!

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If you're uninitiated, or thought those italicized words were alien - time for reality check, like hello?! Those are the lyrics from the #1 track on many to most charts from the past several weeks!

Movie name? Houseful.

And why  are we talking about this? Cause its time dear readers, for yet another music review!

Now, we know that Houseful has only just released this weekend gone by. And here's why we decided to write this review after the movie's release- to give the songs a go in the theater first. What with IMAX screens, Dolby Digitals et al, music in Hindi cinema makes a whole new impact inside the movie halls. So what does Bollycurry think of the album now, after the movie's release, AND a month after the album itself released? We'll take you through our take, one track at a time.

The first track that we'll talk of is not new- to this review, or to your ears. Yes, it's "Oh Girl, You're Mine". This song has been tuned into every electronic device possible - Televisions, Radio sets, Music systems, I-Pods, MP3s ...  and what not!  It has been quite simply a sensation to say the least! And it has a good reason to be so. The song is almost too catchy. From the harmonica intro, which is quite enough to captivate a first-time listener, till the end, the song remains engaging. Thanks in a big part to the very fresh voices of Tarun Sagar, of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa fame, as well as that of Alyssa Mendonsa, who graced the ever-popular 'Uff Teri Ada' not long ago.  Loy Mendonsa is there throughout the entire song as well, giving great backup vocals. The cutesy lyrics are written by Sameer. This song really doesn't need to be recommended any longer- in all likelihood, it's among your highest recently played tracks!

Next in line would be "Papa Jag Jayega". The first listen through, and one goes "whaaat?" It's a rib tickling number, filled wittiest of lyrics, like "kumbhkaran ke jaisa kaash yun hi sota rahe, humko karna hain jo smoothly hota rahe". Heck, the track title itself establishes the misshapen character of the song. But all these feelings end during the first listen itself, because you come to realize how intricate the song actually is. The baseline, for instance, gives the song a great edge, especially when the singer starts to sing "drama yeh bhaari pad gaya". Not only that, but the singers infuse the very life into it! This would be courtesy of the very radio-friendly Neeraj Shridhar, with Ritu Pathak (who we'd love to hear more of!), and Alyssa Mendonsa once again. Perhaps, the winner of this song would be Amitabh Bhattacharya, the lyricist.This song is a charmer, bag it!

Rewind to Amitabh Bachchan, kicking back in the epic music video in Laawaris, and fast forward to now, with the same song in question, but with a different arrangement. That's what you get with the next track, "Aapka Kya Hoga (Dhanno)". This song is based on "Apni Toh Jaise Taise" from Laawaris, but not without a twist. Some people may find the revamping of the song objectionable, whereas some may be loving it. We know the transition even faced legal trouble for having lacked appropriate copyrights. But all that does nothing to diminish the impact of this song! It has a very festive mode, the kind that makes you want to break out into a dance routine. This song is written well by Sameer, sung nicely by Sunidhi Chauhan and in parts by Sajid Khan, but is definitely owned by Mika! Mika has been getting great tracks this year, what with 'Ibn-E-Batuta' from Ishqiya to start his year off. We hope he'll keep scoring like this!

And now we have a very amorous Sunidhi Chauhan, with a very confused Shabbir Kumar. Along the very innocent lyrics by Sameer, Sunidhi Chauhan and Shabbir Kumar try to bring back a slice of the 70s with the track "I Don't Know What to Do". This song is everything that spells courtship, as the lady is asking for the man to come into her arms, whereas the man has no idea what he should do! Poor guy, huh. In parts, it feels like this song is a sweet tribute to the innocent songs of the yesteryear, especially because Shabbir Kumar executesa great resonation of the great Mohammed Rafi saab. This song is adorable, at the least. And very unlike SEL's usual ventures!

The last non-remixed song of this album is called "Loser". This song is very anokha- its nothing like what we at BC are used to hearing. Why? Well for one, the main singer of the song- Vivienne Pocha, is a female jazz singer! They simply do not get huge break in Bollywood playback songs, one has to admit. It's great that SEL are experimenting with different singers and trying out different sounds for their songs. That's why we have a soft spot for this song. Vivienne Pocha does an excellent job at singing about some loser boy who spells b-a-d-l-u-c-k. Amitabh Bhattacharya does the lyrics for this song, and even sings! Well, he sings the last epic summation to be precise: "loser kaahe ka". Give this song a go for a new and addictive experience.

The rest of the album comprises of three remixes- Oh Girl You're Mine (O Boy What A Girli Mix), Papa Jag Jayega (Insane Insomniac Mix), I Don't Know What to Do (Shabbir's Sexy 70s' mix). These remixes, very tastefully named, only help to make the original tracks more club-friendly, and should produce some great business. Get these songs to cater to an especially hyper mood!

So there you have it guys, the album of Housefull. The USP of this album, more than the crazy and creative lyrics, the selection of singers, or the arrangements in general, is the sound of the Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy team stepping out of their way to make something new, yet again, considering how they've been going at this effort for a while now. SEL is a very desired team who often make great feel-good songs, which garner great sales in return. However, the crazier avtaar of this album sounds too perfect, and one will come to know that it mixes excellently with the overall mood of the film itself, which is a Sajid typical comedy genre. If you haven't already, give this album a go, especially for star trio - Shankar, Ehsaan, and Loy!

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