Hits and Misses of 2011 - Part 2

In Part 2, we discuss about the major replacements that have happened in 2011

Indian Television and its' casting replacements is a long boring story that continues even today. The legacy that sta rted off with the replacement of Mihir Virani is still being followed in the industry. Reasons are several; some do not like to wish to be a part of the show after a leap or some do not like the track which is being developed in the show.

 So today, we thought, why not bring in the popular replacements on television in 2011. Here's the long list. Heartfelt apologies if we've missed out on some.

The historic replacements of Mona and Anukalp in Preet Se Bandhi Ye Dori Ram Milaayi Jodi. These are the two names that are quite synonymous with the word replacements. When Priyal Gor got replaced within a few weeks after her launch, never was the production expected to replace the male lead as well. The tantrums that lead to the replacements, the major walkout drama that Sara Khan created; there are several reasons that added on. The show that saw its TRPs at its peak during the time of Nishant Malkani have dropped drastically now. Now, we even hear that with the entry of Angad Hasija, Anukalp will see his end in the forthcoming episodes. God SOS!!!

There was a huge hue and cry when Mishal Raheja was replaced in Colors', once highest rated show, Laagi Tujhse Lagan. It was reported that he was throwing tantrums on the sets and he was not compatible with his co-star. Well, after all the screaming news, Mishal finally had had enough of it and came out to explain the truth after which he was replaced by Shabbir Ahluwalia. The replacement for Dutta Bhau was one of the most awaited news in tellydom.

Pavitra Rishta became a household name when it got launched and Ekta Kapoor finally came up with a show that many people related with. The show not just proved fortunate for Zee TV and Manav-Archana, but also for Sushant and Ankita as they are a sizzling off screen couple as well today. But least had they expected that Manav would be replaced in the show. The show took the much awaited 20 year leap after it saw a dip in TRPs, after which Sushant was not ready to be a part of it. Well, now that Sushant has left the show, Hiten has finally got his grip as Manav and has decently carried the show forward. Let us see how the story develops hereafter.

Anuj Thakur made his debut as a lead with Imagine's Beend Banoonga Ghodi Chadhunga and since its launch his apparent affair with his on screen mother Nausheen made great news in the media. The constant let down in TRPs and the controversies related to the actor, finally urged the production to change the lead. It is Naman Shaw who is now carrying the role forward and he is indeed convincing as the soft and innocent Jay.

Veebha Anand took one of her major steps in her television career when she opted out of a show like Balika Vadhu and got hold of the show Sanskaar Laxmi.  Suguna was indeed a powerful character in the show and she left it at a peak point when the story was revolving around her and her son. Well, the ball finally fell in Jhanvi Cheda's lap and she is happy that she is doing a side role in the show as the actress wants to be a perfect wife in real life as well. Vikrant Massey who earlier portrayed Suguna's husband was also replaced by Sachin Shroff.

We almost felt sorry for the helpless Dev in front of his wife Naintara in Geet Hui Sabse Parayi. Abhinav Shukla who portrayed the role earlier fitted into the character of the NRI return. But later on when the show swept away from the main concept, the actor left the show to try out for different opportunities. When Sameer Sharma took up the role there was reluctance initially. But later on people accepted him as Dev where he did justice to the character and carried well till the end.

Leaving a show like Sasural Genda Phool is indeed a great risk and especially when your mother is also a part of the show. Priya Kanwal took the biggest step doing this and is now replaced by Riddhima Tewary. It was difficult to accept her as the new Disha Bhabhi, but Riddhima is trying her best to convince the audience and the effort is getting paid off.

Krishna Gokani and her controversies were masaaledaar this year with the launch of a promising show like Looteri Dulhan. Her link ups with the Producer of BAG Films and the lead actor Mrunal Jain finally led to her replacement wherein the key was transferred to Supriya Kumari. Though she did complete justice to the role, the show could not survive for long and was pulled off air.

Other prominent replacements include Neha Janpandit's replacement in Chhajje Chhajje Ka Pyar wherein Anjali Abrol took over her role and also the replacement of Deepti Bhatanagar in Geet Hui Sabse Parayi as Preeto by Khushboo Thakkar. Deepak Qazir replaced Salim Shah as Mamaji in Sony TV's top rated show Bade Acche Lagate Hai.

These are the popular replacements which tellydom saw this year. If we have missed out on any show or actors, kindly forgive us for the mistake. But please do
share it through suggestions and comments.

By Saranya Valsarajan

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Comments (94)

Wish you all the best for your new projects Sushant.

12 years ago

Hiten Tejwani is doing a fr8 job as manav

12 years ago

Drashti love you so much
we want Geet seasion 2

12 years ago

Sara khan is doing a very great job as mona :) Priya Gor did a good job too Sara keep the good work up

12 years ago

sara khan u r doing great job as monna keep it up...

12 years ago

Dadima was played by Suhasini Mule first in Geet Hui Sabse Parayi and was replaced by Anju Mahendroo

12 years ago

We would love to see Gurmeet Choudhury & Drashti Dhami (Gurti in short) in either GHSP 2 or any other interesting show. Request to PH, Channel - please use the popularity of Gurti which is sky high & exceptional. They have a unique sizzling chemistry which is in a phenomenon proportion & impossible to re-create. Gurmeet & Drashti both are talented, extremely good looking, with the ability to show real expressions, they compliment each other completely, their outstanding performances, their unique bonding, mutual understanding, their timing, their rapport would be a great asset to the new show. Together they have created a magical & musical couple & a sensational jodi which is as big as SRK-Kajol, please do not loose this outstanding Couple Gurmeet/Drashti & bring them back as soon as possible.

Together Maaneet/Gurti was magical & so beautiful it is proving very difficult to let go of something so precious so near & dear to our hearts. So when that love, that dream was taken from us we all felt lost, desperate & sad. We are witnessing the mass reaction of fans & their plea to bring back Gurti in GHSP 2 or any other show. Please consider the wishes of the dedicated viewers & bring back our beloved GURTI as soon as possible. Thank you.

Dear friends & family, Happy new year to you all. May the new year brings you joy, peace, tranquility, self satisfaction, good health, wealth, fortune & above all happiness. May the new year inspire you do something for others, for family & the motherland. May you bring smile to others & make them happy. God bless.

12 years ago

missing u a lot Sushant...
u r the best...

12 years ago

Mishal waiting to see you back on screens and we don't believe all that is said.

12 years ago

Miss you Sushant as Manav but bringing in Hiten was the best choice EK could make
Replacing Mishal was the worse turn for LTL
None of the replacements can match the historic replacement of Mihir Virani's….Ronit replacing Amar was the best ever thing to happen to Kyonki :)

12 years ago

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