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History REPEATS itself with Shivaay; gets caught in ANOTHER scandal!

And from the looks of it, Anika will break all her ties with Shivaay.


Star Plus' Ishqbaaaz and Dil Boley Oberoi finally merged and is back to being one show which is an attempt to regain the dipping TRP ratings and have the audience's attention hooked.

Currently, the show is focusing on Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and Anika's (Surbhi Chandna) attempts to make each other jealous. And the same was successful as and when Shivaay saw Anika with Samar (Ankit Raj) in a restaurant and merely out of spite, he announced his engagement with Ragini (Additi Gupta).

However, to Ragini's dismay, Shivaay later clarifies to her that he has no intentions of marrying her.  And then, she decides to make this pretending relationship with Shivaay real and takes an extreme step.

Ragini hires a dupe (probably Shivaay's) and makes a video of them getting intimate. Then, she morphs Shivaay's face in the video and releases it to the media so as to ensure that Shivaay gets married to her.

It can be recalled that Tia (Navina Bole) used a similar trick to trap Shivaay into marrying her by revealing to all about her being pregnant with Shivaay's child. But then, Shivaay had Anika to rescue him. What will happen this time though?

Will Anika smell something fishy in this scandal as she knows Ragini's true colours? Or will she be heartbroken by this video and decide to break all ties with Shivaay permanently? Only time will tell...


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fatty112 3 years ago They keep recycling same old crap and now the crap is also begging to stop recycling
Sudhaif 3 years ago Hope shivay comes out of this.
ShivaayAnika 3 years ago Wish they speed up the tracks a little.
Love Nakuul Mehta and Surbhi Chandna
iam_aheli_98 3 years ago Ufff I don't like Ragini at all! She's doing all 2 rupees things to get married to Shivay!! Hope Anika finds out Ragini's truth n saves Shivay this time too, tab jakar Shivay ki akal thikane aayega ki Ani still loves him n kaash who tab jakar soche ki there must be some valid reason of her behavior 3 months back!! And no offence to Additi but I hate Ragini coz she's creating rift btw my Shivika!!
OyeNautanki 3 years ago History is not repeating Harneet is recycling her ghissa pita 2rs script...kuch bhi
ItsKavya 3 years ago The show has lost its charm but still watching because of Nakuul Mehta
Ankudi15 3 years ago Additi Gupta love your style in the show! You just kill it. I dont care if people are jealous but i saw the video of you romancing Nakuul and it was Hot! Although your characterisation in the show sucks but you rock with your acting.And please Additi and Nakuul are actors doing there job.The scene has not even aired and people are over reacting. If you know a news segment has scenes which you might not like just do one thing.. Dont watch!2017-07-12 01:46:45
...Deeksha.... 3 years ago To be honest it's really hard to see Aditi in negative role and over all her talent is going into gutter due to idiotic cv's. Hope to see some nice bromance rather then jumping here and there like a list puppy.
newt2007 3 years ago CVs are wasting Additi's talent. Hope she gets nice show as lead soon.
lipsilita 3 years ago Nakuul ko Aditi ke sath dekha kar maa and Bete wali feeling a Rahi hai she is too old yuck I can't see this bakbas scene .iss se achha to wo tia ka track tha2017-07-12 04:14:57
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