Hindi Medium actress Saba Qamar calls off wedding with fiance after sexual assault allegations: See post

”WE ARE NOT GETTING MARRIED NOW”, says actress Saba Qamar as she decides to call it off with Azeem Khan after a woman accused him of sexual harassment

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Actress Saba Qamar, who is a popular name in the Pakistani industry had shot to fame in the Hindi film industry when she starred in the movie ‘Hindi Medium’ alongside late Irrfan Khan.

In a shocking turn of events, Saba has called off her wedding with her fiancé Azeem Khan. She took to her official Instagram handle to break the news and even stated that she has never met Khan and was only connected over phone.

Taking to Instagram, Saba Qamar wrote:

Hi everyone! I have a very important announcement to make, due to a lot of personal reasons I have decided to call it off with Azeem Khan. WE ARE NOT GETTING MARRIED NOW. Hope you guys will support my decision just like you all have been supporting me always, and I guess it's never too late to realise the bitter realities. I also wanted to clear ONE IMPORTANT thing that is: I have never met Azeem Khan in my life we were only connected over the phone. It's a very hard time for me right now but as we all know 'this too shall pass' Insha Allah. Much love to you all.

- Saba Qamar

For the unaware, Azeem Khan, a blogger and entrepreneur was mired in a controversy after a woman accused him of sexual harassment soon after he announced his engagement to Saba.

Azeem had even posted a video message on his social media handle and denied the allegations against him. He had said in the video:

 “I don’t care about Saba’s past, neither does she care about mine. I don’t understand that why people make false accusations without knowing the fact and reality. You are ruining someone’s life just for fame. Our intentions are to purely settle down our relationship in a proper way which is ‘Nikkah’. Such people should be ashamed of what they are doing.”

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How can an educated and independent woman decide to marry a man without meeting him?

3 years ago

What kind of f***ery is this? How can you marry someone you have never met before? Some cultures are so weird. Unbelievable!

3 years ago

So she was marrying someone she hasn't met before??? Oh god

3 years ago

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