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Hina Khan: I am looking forward to performing and work on a big OTT project

Hina Khan gets talking about upcoming projects, shooting for Patthar Wargi, and more. Read our conversation with the actress here.= on India-Forums.

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Hina Khan

Hina Khan is definitely a force to reckon with as far as some of the finest actors in the television space are concerned. She has managed to work her way through all mediums and continues to shine higher. Hina's latest music video, Patthar Wargi along with Tanmay Ssingh narrates the tale of two people in love and how respecting each other's love is important before it is too late. We got in touch with the actress and she had a couple of things to say.

Ask her about how her song is relatively long for a music video and she says that somehow, that's always been the cast with her because there is too much happening. Hina said, ''I don't know why all my songs are long only, Ranjhanaa was also long. You picture a song in a certain way, and all songs have been performance-based so when you have to perform and tell a story, you have to show an elaborated version because you can't just dance and make 10 dress changes and it is done. With me, it has always been a criteria, it is a story-based song and it is longer than usual because you have to portray it right and people have to understand the story as well.''

About upcoming projects, Hina says, ''I have my next music video with Shaheer, I have two more music videos which I have to shoot whenever I can, they are locked already and beautiful songs. Other than that, there were two films I was supposed to start shooting, but that is also not going to happen, unfortunately. I am looking forward to perform and work in a big OTT project, a very nice project. Unfortunately, you may have even received it, but things are such and times are such that even if someone is to approach you, it takes time because that somebody also knows he/she can't shoot for the next couple of months. But yes, I am looking forward to shoot a good digital show.''

She also spoke about how one must know how to invest their energy in the right things. And added, ''You have to prioritize as an actor where do you want to invest your energy and it works in certain projects and not everywhere. In films, even if it is an extreme wide short, you have to perform but when it comes to music videos, I like to preserve my energy so that I can give my best in the next shot.''

Well, there's a lot in store that fans of Hina have ahead, and let's hope that there's more soon. Currently, Hina is on her way to recovery after having tested positive for COVID-19 post her return to Mumbai.

Hina Khan

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