Here's what Mahesh Thakur has to say on playing Ayushi Khurana's daughter in Aangan Aapno Kaa

Mahesh Thakur, who will be seen essaying the character of Ayushi Khurana's father in Aangan Aapno Ka speaks about playing the character of the actress' daughter in the same.

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Mahesh Thakur and Ayushi Khurana

Sony SAB is set to enthrall audiences with its upcoming show, 'Aangan - Aapno Kaa', a heartwarming family drama that portrays a daughter's unwavering love and dedication towards her father. Ayushi Khurana, in the role of Pallavi, is a strong and self-reliant daughter who prioritizes her father, Jaidev, played by the seasoned actor Mahesh Thakur, above all else. In a world where women often grapple with the delicate balance of familial responsibilities post-marriage, Sony SAB’s latest offering delves into Pallavi’s unique perspective on marriage, questioning the notion that why do women have to stop being daughters to become wives?

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Beyond the heartwarming father-daughter dynamics on screen, the off-screen camaraderie between both actors adds an extra layer of authenticity to their bond. From sharing endless laughter between shots to Mahesh Thakur guiding Ayushi with his years of experience, they've established a genuine relationship beyond the show. 

Mahesh Thakur, essaying the role of Jaidev Sharma, said, “Ayushi’s dedication and enthusiasm for her character are truly commendable. She brings an infectious energy to the set, making the filming experience enjoyable. Besides being a talented actress, Ayushi is incredibly down-to-earth and a wonderful person to be around. I now feel like she’s my adopted daughter, and that also adds authenticity to our on-screen father-daughter moments. I am eager to see how viewers respond to the genuine bond we've portrayed on screen." 

Ayushi Khurana, essaying the role of Pallavi Sharma, said, “Being a part of this show with Mahesh Sir has been an absolute delight. He is a seasoned actor and is not shy to make changes into his character to make it more authentic and you can see how much thought he puts into his work. He is always ready to provide wisdom and it is fun to learn from him as you always have something new to look forward to.”

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