Here's how Shah Rukh Khan calmed down birthday girl Suhana Khan and Aryan Khan after falling sick due to heats

Birthday girl Suhana Khan and Aryan Khan wanted to fly down immediately to Ahmedabad after hearing that Shah Rukh Khan was admitted due to heatstroke. Here is how the actor calmed them down

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Shah Rukh Khan's kids wanted to rush to Ahmedabad immediately

Shah Rukh Khan dotes on his children Image Courtesy: Instagram/Avinash Gowarikar

Fans of Shah RukhKhan were worried hearing that the superstar was admitted to Ahmedabad’s KD Hospital due to a heatstroke. It seems the doctors did a preliminary examination and kept him under observation for a few hours. The superstar got very high fever, which is why the team rushed him to the hospital. As of now, Gauri Khan is with him in Ahmedabad. The couple are supposed to be back in Mumbai together later in the evening.

Temperatures in most parts of India are above 40 degree Celsius as it experiences its worst heatwave. It seems the superstar told wife Gauri Khanthat she need not fly down from Mumbai but she insisted and rushed to be with him. Throughout the IPL 2024 season, he has been there cheering for the Kolkata Knight Riders team. But he is fine now and will be coming back home to Mumbai today from Ahmedabad with his wife Gauri who flew to be with SRK, although he kept insisting that she needn’t fly down,” said the friend.

It is a known fact that he is a complete workaholic. The actor spent a lot of time on the field interacting with players of KKR as well as other teams. A friend told a Bollywood website that standing around in the intense heat for the IPL matches have taken a toll. It seems he said, “Main toh hot hoon hi, yehthoda zyada ho gaya.”

 It seems Suhana Khan who was celebrating her birthday wanted to rush to Ahmedabad, as did Aryan Khan. But the actor told them to stay calm and carry on with their plans. Aryan Khan is now wrapping up the shoot of Stardom. When he is back in Mumbai, he will spend some quality family time. It seems he plans to rest a bit before cheering for Kolkata Knight Riders in full force at finale of IPL 2024

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I just hope Srk is ok now. This is actually so alarming. So many people are getting sick

27 days ago

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