Has Hardik Pandya reached New York to be with Indian team amidst separation rumours with Natasa Stankovic?

Cricket portals have reported that Hardik Pandya has quietly reached the US to be with the team after enjoying a solo vacation at an undisclosed place

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Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic in rumoured marital crisis

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Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic are in the news ever since that Reddit post highlighted how she was kind of missing from the regular action. None of them have issued a proper statement to clarify the rumours that are doing the rounds. Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic got married in a civil ceremony in 2020 but the lavish Indian wedding happened in 2023. The Serbian model and actress is being trolled as a gold digger all over Twitter. Old videos where Hardik Pandya is talking about divorce and alimony has also gone viral.

The cricketer was supposed to be vacationing alone in some undisclosed spot. Others said that he is in the UK playing with some county to sharpen his game before the global tournament. While the others reached the US two days before, Virat Kohli and he were the two who were missing. Now, Cricbuzz has reported that he made a low-key entry to the US last night. Everyone is baffled on how the rumours began and why the couple is keeping low. 

After she was badly trolled as a gold-digger, Natasa Stankovic shared a pic of Jesus with the lamb. It denotes that the Lord is always keeping an eye on the innocent. The couple have a son, Agastya. The model was also seen in Bandra with her friend, model and fitness trainer Aleksander Illic who is also from her home country. Hardik Pandya faced the anger and wrath of Rohit Sharma fans after he replaced him as the Mumbai Indians captain. Many felt what he did was downright disgraceful. Fans booed him in many stadiums. Moreover, his form was not that great. The couple could be keeping it low-key till things change for the better. As of now, there is a wave of sympathy for Hardik Pandya. 

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