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Harshad 'Usool' Chopda's pasand

Ali aka harshad has some pukka pasands...as he celebrates his birthday on May 17th, we try to find out what are his fav picks ...

Famous for his role as Cadet Ali in the Sab's Popular show 'Left Right Left', Harshad Chopda has established himself in the television industry. After garnering a huge fan base of people of all ages, he has proven that he not only has great looks but also excellent acting skills.
Harshad Chopda blew out another candle on May 17th turning an year older and we put this Taurean on the hot seat as he answered the questions for our exclusive column, Pasand Apni Apni!

Fav website: India-Forums.com

Fav juice: Apple

Fav candy: Anything sweet will do, but if I have to pick, then biggest bar of Cadbury fruit and nut.

Fav memory: The letter my sister wrote to me after I lost at Mr Grasim. That is still my biggest motivating tool.

Fav resturant: Chawla ka dhaba

Brand: I don't go by brands.

Perfume: aziani

Car: My car: Skoda Octavia

Newspaper: Hindustan cafe

Fav way to unwind: Go on a drive

Now thats the kind of guy that every girl would want. Sweet, down-to-earth and a huge fan of sweets! Have a Glorious Birthday Harshad and hope this year adds lots of good fortune to your kitty !!

Stay tuned till next week when we will bring another one of your favourite stars on the hot seat for our weekly feature, Pasand Apni Apni

Reporter: Minnie
Author: Minnie, virgo_stars
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kuri_canadian 2009-05-23T19:03:13Z First, Happy Belated Birthday Harshad. Ur very adorable. Keep Smiling & God bless U
*shilpa*karan* 2009-02-17T02:58:58Z he luvs d same choco i luv , which is cadbury fruit and nut ...... im happy at least 1 of our choices MATCH !!!!
hes is cute , adorable and a fannnnnnnnntastic actor !!

Love You Sooooooooooo Much Harshad Chopra !!!!

prettyasjen 2008-06-14T13:57:16Z OMG... he luvs sweets... he's perfect for me! Hehehe.. on a serious note... he's damn cute n a fantastic actor!

Love you Harshad!

magical mahua
magical mahua 2007-07-14T03:47:08Z hi ali,nice 2 get know aboutu.
gud article
rajeevaamnarock 2007-06-02T06:18:51Z too cool.he is so sweet and i am happy to know small small things about harshad
-Mansi- 2007-05-20T04:02:21Z Ohhhhh so sweet......!!! Thanx fr d article..
-DulceMaria- 2007-05-19T05:47:57Z awwwwwwwwwww he is soooo sweet.
thanxxxx for the article.
kanak1309 2007-05-18T07:50:28Z thats so sweet.... cadbury fruit and nut ;)
animateash 2007-05-17T23:23:43Z woowoow ossom artcilee thxn alott reee hehehhe yeah yeahh hsi car is 22 gud hmm
shriyaroxxx 2007-05-17T17:33:25Z great article.... oh wow, he has his bday d same day as me... his fav website's IF
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